Saturday, October 21, 2006

Weezy Banned At Morgan State

During a Morgan State homecoming concert
Lil Wayne's entourage toss $10 an $20 dollar bills
into the sold out crowd. Chaos ensues as the
broke ass college kids surge to the stage.
Two women are injured and another faints in
the stampede. Baltimore officials are
condsidering pressing charges against Wayne.
So these fools be making it rain, at concerts?
And I thought they only did that in strip clubs.


Anonymous said...

My friend goes to Morgan and she said they shut it down real fast and nigs started crackin each others heads! And just so you know...all these rappers are talkin about making it rain but that shit started with some Detroit nigs in the A wit alotta pharmacutical money ya feel me! Just thought you should know

This has been a message from: Scrumdiddleyumptus

frank white said...

no more mony toss, no more props in NFL TDs. no more shirts twisted around head like a hellicopter. no more cigs in bars, whats next?????????, no more sticky icky(weed) in public streets. Baltimore needs a new mayor

Anonymous said...

Well, now Baltimore has a new mayor. She is dumber than Hoopz and just as much of a ho.

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