Saturday, June 12, 2010

Smokey Robinson Blasted by Niece

Smokey Robinson's 48 year old niece sold him out to The National Enquirer after he stopped paying her rent.

From The Enquirer
Motown icon SMOKEY ROBINSON embroiled in bitter family turmoil as his penniless niece accuses him of turning his back on her.

Just a month after the death of Smokey's sister Rose Ella Jones - who co-wrote some of his most famous songs - her disabled daughter faces eviction after Smokey stopped helping out with their $1,225 monthly rent.

"The only important thing for Smokey Robinson IS Smokey Robinson. He has an icy heart," a tearful Stacye Jones, 48, told The ENQUIRER.

Smokey;s sister Rose died at 82 from stomach cancer in April, and while Stacye is disabled with painful arthritis, she nursed her mother as she sank deeper into dementia.

"Finally last July, I couldn't cope any longer without help, and I asked Smokey if he would pay for home nursing," Stacye said.
"He told me coldly, 'Your mother never did anything for me. Let the state look after her.'

"Smokey's accountant wrote to me right away to say he would no longer be helping out with the rent and bills because he had economic problems 'like everyone else.'"

Now, she faces being thrown out on the street.

"Smokey knows I've been in the hospital and that I'm being evicted, but he hasn't lifted a finger to help me," she said.


Anonymous said...

The fact that she is disabled puts a totally different spin on this story, because otherwise, judging by the title, she was looking like a mooch, and money can rip family ties to shreds.

It's nice to have an uncle with money, or the potential to make money, at least, but the niece and her parents should have looked at long care options/solutions to help get them through life. Not enough people do that, which is why some people work all their lives and still end up broke, when they get old and sickly.

Sometimes having some money in the bank and an insurance policy still isn't enough, because of the bureaucracy involved in the claims process. A lot of people with or without children are not prepared for unexpected things, like poor health and death, and that is why the remaining family members are left without backup plans.



Anonymous said...

At least she didn't walk away from her sick mother.

Anonymous said...

Well at least Smokey was paying until her passing. She is going to have to scale it down a bit. I am sure she can find a place where she is not paying over $1200 for rent. Putting Uncle Smokey on blast like this isn't going to help either. SMH @ some people.

Anonymous said...

If Smokey's sister co-wrote a song or two like they claim, there's got to be some royalty money somewhere. $1,225 in rent though? Homegirl coulda thought about downsizing a lonnng time ago if both she AND her mom had medical bills adding up.

Hello Kitty...goodbye to nasty people putting food on their butt said...

People always looking for a hand out. He doesn't owe her anything. He'll, she's grown!

Anonymous said...

disabled could mean she walks with a cane to she has high blood pressure. disabled does not mean helpless or unable to do for yourself.
get a job, get a paycheck, get a life.

Anonymous said...

$1200/month? if she's in LA (los angeles), she's probably already in a one-bedroom apt or a really shitty two-bedroom.

~la native

Anonymous said...


What's stopping her ass from moving? There's parts of the country where you can get a house fully paid for for two months' rent in LA?

Anonymous said...

@10:17 AM, reading is fundamental.

"Stacye is disabled with painful arthritis".

Anonymous said...

It is clear that many on this board have never nursed a sick and dying person in the home.

My husband and I nursed both of his ailing parents at home until they both passed.

It is 2 full-time jobs for each caregiver if you wish to provide proper and loving care to the sick and dying. I do not exaggerate.

The stress negatively affects your physical health. We were ALWAYS on high alert and did not get one full-nights sleep during this time.

My husband and I are STILL recovering from not just the emotional loss, but the physical fallout to both of us.

We are still trying to get our health back after nearly a year after the last of his two parents passed.

We would have been in bad shape if we would have been expected to pick up as if we had been doing nothing over the last 3 years.

Anonymous said...

@9:53 AM, some artists and writers have had to fight for DECADES to TRY to receive ANY royalty money.

I don't know this woman's situation, but don't assume that she actually collected.

Anonymous said...

She could move to the Detroit area, where her mother's family is from, and live decent for less that half of that each month. There are a lot of places she could live in the U.S. for at least half of that, and not have to stress so hard every time the rent is due. The question is, what exactly can she afford? Does she have her own income?

Anonymous said...

It is so funny how people are quick to say folks are asking for a handout. Heartless

Anonymous said...

In California the very basic standard apartment is 1200 or more! Its not even upscale but it gets your out of the gang infestation but 1200 in cali is like paying 500 in Tennessee. Its very avarage rent and not much by Cali standards. I think Smokey is cold because he was vice president of Motown and he helpd Berry cheat all of the Motown artists! Smokey is cold by nature and even runs with Leon Issac Kennedy who is now a pulpit pimp in California! Nooone wants to live in Detroit! Slumtown USA! I wish the girl would have managed her money better because Smokey does not owe her crap and if he were not rich she would have to had found a way. I guess she thought he would support her old behind for life but he has kids and ex-wives and can't take care of so-called disabled folks with arthritis. Hell many people work with joint pain.........I am not buying her story.

Anonymous said...

You all do not seem to understand the cost of living in California! An avarage crummy apartment starts at about 900 and that is with the gangbangers! Now 1200 will get you a basic small apartment but it is not Hollywood by a long shot! I dont think Smokey owes her gornw ass anything but I just wanted to clarify the California cost of living........Averaghe apartment 1200 to 2300 a month!

Anonymous said...

where does it say that she lives in Cali to begin with?

Anonymous said...

It's hard enough for able bodied people to get jobs, much less the disabled.

NubianGoddez said...

If she's truly disabled, she has option's. she can apply for SSI, get a court appointed lawyer to help with the process, if she's deemed financially indigent, apply for public housing based on her disability status, and if she cannot afford the 1200 dollar rent, move to another part of the country where its cheaper. Smokey is not obligated to be financially responsible for her.

@11:40 AM
That was a wonderful act of mercy and compassion you both did for his parents, caring for an ill parent takes an unbelievable toll, and requires a lot of sacrifice. I have seen members in my family who have done it and it requires a tremendous amount of love and compassion. my mom is retiring next year and will be moving in with me and my children, she's not taken care of herself and has a lot of health problems, so at some point in the future I expect to go through what you both just went through.

Although for many years I worked in oncology being around the sick and dying is not something I'm alien to, but at least I got to go home after my shift, being on call 24/7 nursing a sick, dying person. I can only imagine the toll it takes on one's well being. I commend both of you for such a great act of mercy, love and compassion. may the Creator abundantly bless both of you and grant you infinite prosperity in every sphere of your lives.

Once you have fully recovered your strength, I hope you will share your story, I would love to read more of your day to day struggle dealing with this issue, so if you have a blog or plan to write a book on it. keep me in the loop.

Anonymous said...

A snippet from Smokey Robinson's bio:

Fellow singer/songwriter Bob Dylan described Robinson as "America's greatest living poet." Robinson's hit ballads also earned him the title "America's poet laureate of love." Over the course of his almost 50-year career in music, Robinson has over 4,000 songs to his credit.

After marrying Claudette Rogers, Robinson started a family, and named both of his children after Motown: his son was named Berry after the company's founder, and his daughter was named Tamla after the Motown imprint for which Robinson and The Miracles recorded.

During the mid-1980s, Robinson fell victim to cocaine addiction. His recording slowed, and his marriage to Claudette faltered; the two were divorced in 1986. Robinson eventually overcame the addiction and revitalized his career, scoring hits in 1987 with "Just To See Her" and "One Heartbeat." Also in 1987, British band ABC scored a US and UK hit with their tribute to Robinson, entitled "When Smokey Sings". In 1988, Robinson published his autobiography, Smokey, and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


You would probably be hard pressed to find any info on Smokey's divorce but he was LITERALLY taken to the cleaners! He had to make a MASSIVE upfront cash settlement payment along with paying about 60 cent of each dollar he made to his ex-wife for the remainder of her life!

A perfect example of Life's a BITCH & Then you DIE

Anonymous said...

I don't know if Rose rec'd royalties, but she helped him write Quiet Storm and others. So they had some sort of relationship. I think the daughter did good to stand by her mom.

Not saying it's right, but Smokey got a new wife now. So that might play into this drama. I have family in L.A., $1200 for an apt is not that good.

They should've sat down and talk this out w/o this enquirer shit.

About a year ago Stevie Wonder was having a problem with a relative that was living on his property. Somebody called the police. When they got there, Stevie sent them on their way and said this was family business. He was even asked about it by some papparazi. He gave no comment. Black folks esp should stop letting these folks into their business.

Anonymous said...

What makes anybody think that Uncle Smokey has lots of money in the first place? A lot of people, famous and not famous, are just putting on a show and give the appearance that they have a substantial amount of money, when they really don't. He might have mis-managed or squandered a lot of money earlier in life, and it took several years to get back on his feet. Taking a hiatus from his professional career certainly couldn't have helped him, financially. He may have had lots of debt before, during, and after his drug habit. Who really knows? Unless his niece knows his income and debt to income ratio, she doesn't know what he can afford. He might have been struggling to help take care of his sister and is glad to be relieved of that expense, so he can have more money to himself and his own family. *shrugs*

Don't forget that the recording industry is shady and always has been, so his sister might have never been compensated accordingly for her work in the first place. Smokey was probably getting short-changed, too, back in the day.

Anonymous said...

Maybe "One" of 5the responders did any homework on this issue. As James Brown onnce sang..."you just talking Loud, Ain't Saying Nothing"

Leave Smokey alone.

Anonymous said...

@3:11 PM, I don't know what you mean by Smokey getting taken to the cleaners, but he cheated on Claudette and had a child with the other woman. Claudette offered to take the baby into her home, but Smokey wanted to leave.

Keep in mind, Claudette was a founding member of the Miracles. She stuck by him 30 some odd years.

Every dime she got, she deserved.

That is all.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much she was paid to spill the tea on Uncle Smokey. Tabloids probably get off easy and cheap when it comes to black folks.

FunkUnderFebreeze said...

This ho better get a job, social security to recognize arthritis as a disability.

Anonymous said...

I NEVER said she didn't deserve what she got and I KNOW who she is (Probably more than you do) but that doesn't mean that Smokey wasn't TAKEN TO THE CLEANERS! That term is often used when a divorce settlement is that ONE-SIDED regardless of the reasons why!

I'm NO Smokey Robinson Apologist!

Anonymous said...

@10:34 PM, since you know so much from your cutting and pasting, you know that California is a community property state. Claudette was entitled to get half by law.

If Smokey agreed to pay more than that, then that was his choice. No judge is going to give a woman in California more than half for life unless the man agreed to. What was he hiding that was worse than adultery, a child resulting from that said adultery, & his drug addiction, since you know so much?

And what do you mean Smokey owes Claudette 60 cent for every dollar he makes for life? Are you telling me royalties only, or are you telling me all current and future singing engagements, book deals, interviews, albums, everything, she gets 60 cents on the dollar? If he picks up a dollar on the street, he has to give her 60 cents of that too?

If I am to believe that any man would agree to that, then Smokey would have to agree to it, not be forced into it by law, therefore if he chose this path as you wish us too believe, then it was his choice.

There was no cleaners other than the one he took himself to when he took to crack, cheated on his wife for the umpteenth time and had a baby outside of his marriage.

He agreed to pay that amount out of guilt or whatever have you.

Anonymous said...

@10:34, you are certainly a Smokey Robinson apologist.

He was not a victim of drugs, women, outside children, Claudette, or anyone or anything else.

He made choices, sometimes good ones and sometimes very bad ones just like the rest of us.

He suffered from his mistakes, just like the rest of the other billions of people in the world, except that he had more resources on which to call when he decided to straighten up his act, therefore, he could recover better than 99% of the population, given the same scenario.

Anonymous said...

@@10:34, since you know so much, please explain why Smokey Robinson was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a solo, WITHOUT any of the other original members of the Miracles Bobby Rogers, Ronnie White, Pete Moore, Marv Tarplin, and Claudette Robinson?

Isn't that award for people who shaped rock and roll? Did the Smokey Robinson & Miracles TOGETHER shape Rock and Roll?

Why would he accept such an award WITHOUT his fellow pioneers who put him on?

No one would have known who Smokey Robinson was without the Miracles.

aint that a bitch said...

Ok, so this sister co wrote "some of his most famous songs." I can understand that the niece isn't technically owed anything, but did anybody even see that he told his niece that his sister never did anything for him and to let the state take care of her? My problem with this is simply: 1. She helped write some of his MOST famous songs. I'm sure he was paid more than her, if she even was at all. For that, he owes her. 2. All bs aside. They are family. I was brought up believing family takes care of family. Now, I can understand if this was old cousin Louie from Japan whom was a distant cousin and not really a part of Smokey's life, then that person shouldn't get anything. But for this to be Smokey's sister, the mere fact that she was his sister, it is my belief she was owed. She was family. Ridiculous. 3. Even if he didn't want to help, the sister or niece, he should excercise some tact. Don't be such an ass.

I so hope this isn't true. But, at the same time. The niece needs to be living in a cheaper spot. I'm not sure the housing costs in her area because they didn't disclose her city/state, but if you can downgrade, do it. Especially if you're expecting someone else to help you out. Also, if she is disabled from her arthritis, which I'm not at all doubting, she does have to have some type of income coming in. Disability, SSI, something. What is she doing to take care of herself? Always look inward before you start blaming those around you for your own problems.

Anonymous said...

11:26 11:31 11:38
Please go take your MEDS asap!
It's affecting your reading comprehension ability

Bee Gee said...

She need to get her ass up off her shoulders and see what options she has as a disabled person. She act like this nigga got a hit album out.

Anonymous said...

I understand everyone speaking about Cali's high rent prices. But this woman is damn near 50. Smokey is her UNCLE! Yes, that was his sister, but if she wrote songs she should have SOME money, some medical insurance. Where is the niece's father? Why is she not blasting him? Did she not ever get married??

I'm sorry but going hard over $1200 rent, really. She is grown. She is also not that close with him judging by his comments that she quoted. So she should've considered him paying the rent this long a gift. Did she never work? She has no money? I can't throw Smokey under the bus because the person who tries to take care of EVERYONE will be BROKE after a while.

So IDK... having a cash cow in the family doesn't mean to do nothing with your life... because obviously all you can expect to have is nothing.

Clt said...

Houses in Detroit are going for $5,000 or so. She should have had him fix one up and put away property tax and get her some type annuity that would pay the rest of her life. Why does every relative of a famous person feel they have the right to be supported by them? If her mother cowrote those songs she should have had an attorney solidify her future payments.

Anonymous said...

The same people who think nothing of putting money on Pookie's books & bailing him out of jail have the nerve to castigate a 50 year old disabled woman in need of help after nursing her dying mother.

Anonymous said...

i know how she feels i have arthritis in every joint.and it is painful but you can do things if you want to do them.the worst part is when u get up in the morning or when u do to much.but now that her mom is dead she can get help from the state and she can get housing, her being with her mom she could'nt get anything but ssa icant get anything because im married i get ssa but anything else no.they want to take 286.00 out of my medicare insurance amonth then that leaves me with hardly anything. i use that to pay for rent.because my husband takes care of the other's hard but lke i said she can get all kinds of help now.she's just use to living a certain way but now she has to eccept the changes and go for herself.

Anonymous said...

I don't feel that he owes her anything if she's sick or not. There are ways that she can get help so maybe instead of making the call to the Enquierer she should have dialed up social services and got the help she needs. I'm sure that couple thousand they gave her will cover maybe a month of rent and expenses but then what? She just pushed her Uncle away even more.

Anonymous said...

I hope all goes well for her.

Anonymous said...


Me being 11:40 am, thank you for your kind words. We truly loved his parents.

Yes, when we recover, there is a story to tell. I will keep you in the loop, should I move forward with that. What I can tell you now is that death has a way of creating an out of body experience for the those left behind, especially for the caregivers.

I can tell you that Smokey's niece is grieving, is in shock, is sick, is tired, fearfull, and DESPERATE. She is NOT in a good state of mind.

We ended up with a roof over our head at the end of it all, but I can only imagine our state of mind had that not been the case and we were trying to survive while in a depleted state of mind and body.

Godspeed to you and your family. You will not regret your decision, I promise you that.

AKAtrippy said...

See? I wasn't going to say anything but BEEGEE had me LMAO and caused me to type something.

What makes her azz think he should front her living expenses? Okay we all know sometimes the people at the SS building will fugg with you by denying your benefit's. But the key is, KEEP TRYING TILL THEY GIVE IT TO YOU!!
And seeing that you're a grown azz woman who has now FUGGGED UP by airing out your familys business, YOUR AZZ SHOULDN'T EXPECT NOTHING!!!
Wheel your azz down to the site and ask for assistance and down size your living to a $550.00 a month flat apartment and stop thinking just because this man has money that he owes you.. Hell he took care of his sister. And like Beegee said, It's not like Smokey have a number one hit out. If you wanted to do something you shouldve gotten all of his hits and made a SMOKYS HIT COLLECTION with a added bonus like a 12PC KNIFE SET or something.

Boy oh boy That could not have been me as the rich aunt. My family Know not to fugg with me like the family members are doing the Michael and Gary.
I'd place a VooDoo Spell on ya'll azzes.. Make your head shrink and Dicks turn green with a Nasty Blk Bump on it.
Okay let me STOP playing.. see what you made me type BeeGee?

Anonymous said...

RWS, again, you failed to tell the whole story.

Smokey's niece had surgery two weeks after her mother died and during the operation, the surgeons ruptured the aorta in her stomach.

She was on SSI (less than $700 per month) and of course she was limited in what she could get because she lived with her mother while caring for her.

This was a woman who not only lost her mother and who nearly lost her life soon afterwards 2 weeks afterwards who while in the hospital was facing eviction.

While Smokey owe's her nothing by law (unless he has blocked her mother's royalty payments), he could have mercy on a clearly desperate woman.

Some may bash her for selling her story, but at this point perhaps that is all she had to keep a roof over her head.

But for the grace of God, that could be you or me.

Anonymous said...

But for the grace of God, that could be you or me.
5:52 PM


I don't expect people to pay my way. Yes it would be nice but I don't have the sense of entitlement that I'd call up a rag to complain that someone isn't giving me their hard earned money. I with her the best in life but it just irks me when someone (especially adults) grandstand on someone elses pockets. What does she stand to gain now?

Anonymous said...

@12:27 AM, at least she didn't jack someone or commit murder to get back on her feet.

Smokey will survive this, he will get over it.

If that is all she could do to keep from killing somebody for money after getting out of the hospital as a homeless person, then I won't judge her.

I worked for mine and I've been lucky.

Not everyone has been so fortunate enough to be healthy and totally independent.

Pimpossible the Rillest said...

Co-Sign, 9:22. If she's disabled, she should be able to get plenty of aid from the state. Am I the only one who's noticed that if your rent is $1225 a month, you must be livin' pretty damn good, all things considered. Why not stop trying to live beyond your means, buy your silly azz a decent 30-50K house and call it a day? Smokey might have paper, but he worked damn hard to get to where he's at. It ain't his fault her life ain't working out. Sounds to me like dude did what he could. Mighty funny you never hear about these people bitching about what their famous kinfoke ain't doing actually having JOBS, huh? And yeah, she's disabled, but ask yourself, if she was disabled and didn't have a famous relative, what would she have done then?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Seems like some comments in this is both interesting, insightful entered by friends, family and people who just wanted to express their views of the situation. I say this: Yes, Stacye is a grown woman and should have prepared better for the future but I am certain she will survive--with or without her Uncle's help. I have met her she is a survivor.
Claudette Robinson: she stuck beside Smokey through a lot and trust me a wife knows when her husband is cheating and he was cheating on her big time for many many many many years. But she loved him so much and even he wrote it in his book--she would not accept a child outside the marriage. When the baby was born he brought the baby home (that took nerve..that would have been the last day for him on this earth if he were my husband) but Claudette is too classy for that. So how is it that someone knows she was awarded sixty cents on each dollar he earned? Based on what earnings? What time line? What royalties? If it is known this much give us particulars, please. Lets see, there was Sweet Meat from Soul Train, there was Candi that was the Playboy Bunny and his son's
mother and Lord knows how many other women in between. drugs, and everything else in between. I say Claudette deserve to continue to live in the lifestyle in which she has become accustomed. She stayed at home raised their children, graciously ignored the stories about him on the road and moved forward. I not by any means electing either to sainthood but I do say, you reap what you sow (his divorce),and maybe Stacye will now grow up.
(PS: Stacey's father passed aways many years ago; Stacey declined a marriage proposal many years ago when her mother was diagnosed ill because she did not to burden a husband with helping her take of her sick mother; as for Smokey Robinson -- life goes on, he owes nobody anything; and the Enquire does not pay thousands of dollars for that small story his niece gave to them more like $500-$750. This info came from a reliable source

Anonymous said...

you know, stacye shouldn't rely on men, ecspecially Smokey, he's already going through hell. I mean give him a break! smokey's family losing their minds, his children smoking crack, smokey trying to stop them from going to the grave. he just lost his sister and michael jackson, hell can't you see he's under stress?
i had dream about smokey crying almost every night
he's having a nervous breakdown in my dreams. God!

Anonymous said...

The truth is, most of us don't know a damn thing more than what we read here. There's always those that are ready to attack someone though. It often doesn't matter who it is.

I would think Smokey obviously showed some compassion and family commitment by taking care of his sick sister (and her daughter) while she was alive.

Maybe he feels the daughter could do more to help herself. Maybe there were other factors that came into play. Maybe he's not very well off financially himself. He was a crackhead after all.

We just really don't know.

I do wish the niece the best though, and as others have mentioned; she may surprise herself in what she can accomplish if she would give it everything she can. I understand she's got problems, but if she was able to take care of mom she may have some capability that someone would be willing to pay her for.

Elonna said...

I HATE articles about relatives who think a "rich celebrity" should pay their way! SMFH. I also have painful arthritis. I know what it's like to work with pain so bad, I'm on the verge of tears. It NEVER occurred to me to quit my job and try leaching off a rich relative. Many people work with PAIN, because they have to put a roof over their heads and food on the table. My dad worked for years with back pain, he could have gotten disability, but didn't....we needed the money! Disability didn't pay enough, so he worked in pain. I'm not feeling sorry for Smokey's niece. She needs to do like the rest of us and get a JOB or start collecting disability (IF she's that bad, which a doctor can determine). I take supplements to deal with my pain. I've never begged for a hand-out!

Anonymous said...

EVERYBODY has a past! Smokey did do drugs in the PAST. He admits to having affairs in the PAST. He can't change any of the that. He's a good man now and who are we to judge? He took care of his sister probably from their teen years through her death in her 80s. That's a long time. Besides, the whole story isn't told here. Claudette was a founding member, a good wife (by his own admission) who suffered 7 miscarriages--whatever she got was hers just like Michael Jordan's wife Juanita. How about Tiger's wife? It happens. Bottom line: we don't know the whole story one way or another and should stop castigating Smokey. Whatever money his niece has coming in, it will certainly not include any help from Smokey now that she sold him out. That's certainly not the way to get help. Selling a story to a tabloid is pretty much a deal breaker!

Anonymous said...

He "fell victim" to a cocaine addiction. Addicts aren't victims. They self-abuse. It's their choice.

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