Monday, March 19, 2012

Royce Reed Wants Judge Off Custody Case

Basketball Wives' Royce Reed wants the judge on her child custody case removed because she believes he is bias against single mothers and an ally of her son's father, NBA star Dwight Howard...

Dwight recently filed for full custody of their son, claiming Royce makes it hard for him to see the child on his scheduled visitation days.

After appearing in court Royce responded with a motion to remove the presiding judge over their case, citing an endorsement by one of Dwight's attorneys on the judges' web sight as a conflict of interest.

Royce also charges the judge would not allow her present her side in court and told Dwight custody would be awarded to him before any evidence was presented.

In documents filed with the court Royce states,
“I am afraid if Judge Shea continues to preside over this case, I will lose custody of my son,”


Anonymous said...

Royce,Tameka Raymond and Gabe Aubry must have the same legal counsel,mofos stay thirsty.

Anonymous said...

Damn,what would've happened if Dwight got traded to the Nets or the Mavs last week???

Anonymous said...

Y'all give an E-Hug to Bee Gee...Po' Lakers can't get nothing done since Fisher left. Kobe (Tobey) ain't never won a ring without Derek.

Anonymous said...

The next judge she gets would probably do the same. It's all in who you know. I live in Orlando and dealt with the same injustice system of judges she's dealing with now. Good luck with that Royce

Anonymous said...

Judges,jurists, anyone can be paid off.


I don't believe Royce is a gold digger.I believe even if Dwight was not rich and famous Royce would have still dated him.

My reason is because black women are known to date black men that have no money or education at all.Many do not believe in dating outside their race.And since many black men that have money date or marry interacially MOST black women date and marry black men with little to nothing.

Also the black dude that she dated on BasketBall wives was not rich.In fact one of the black dudes was an opportunist with no money or clout looking to come up off of Royce.

I think Royce would have dated Dwight regardless.I think his money was an added plus but not required.

I also believe that Royce and Dwight need to get along for the sake of their child.

I definitely believe that Dwight has a child by Royce that he does NOT want to pay child support for.

Many wealthy black men do NOT want to pay their BLACK baby momma or black ex-wives and they will result to slander and anything else to keep from doing it.

They normally pay up and walk away quietly when they have a white or non black wife or baby momma.

Black women have to understand that black men will NOT be your YOUR come up.They do NOT want to care for YOU even if you did birth their child or took care of them years ago.

When black men are being used for their money they PREFER to be used by white men and non black women and that's just the way it is.

Many of you are literally sleeping with the enemy and don't know it.

Don't you all know that black men are disgruntled and angry with you black wOMEN.

Many of them feel that black WOMEN have had a one up on them in the court and justice system and in life.They are angry at you all because they firmly believe that YOU receive preferential treatment over them.

They would like to feel more priviliged and more empowered in general MOSTLY over black WOMEN.

They cannot fight winning fights against white men,white women,or any non black person because those other communities won't allow it.

Black WOMEN you ARE considered their enemy and their competition.

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It is far better that you all work to take care of yourselves and NOT have SEX or CHILDREN with black men.

It will save you a lifetime of heartache and you'd never have to hear anyone trying to accuse you of doing anything wrong to a "brother"

It's a blessing to be without worry and burden.
Disassociation from dysfunctional mentalities and people is the way to go.

Be down for yourself and do what's necessary to have a good happy life.

Don't let what IS going to happen to Royce happen to you.

Don't let what happened to Mary Harvey happen to you.

Don't let what happened Mrs.Wade happen to you.

Forge ahead and create a new life without damage in your own mind or damaged people.



Anonymous said...

royce reed played herself by letting dwight howard's parents con her into taking that one sided deal she agreed to when this first went to mediation. her baby mama maneuvering was off balance and now she's desperately trying to make up the disparity between WHAT she wants and WHAT dwight howard has been earning since his rookie deal ended.

supaslim504 said...
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Anonymous said...

@ 11:55 Sadly, I have to agree with you on most of your THESIS, however the part that says "you,BLACK WOMEN,are the ONLY humans on the planet that black men can successfully destroy" is completely untrue. The
BLACK MAN can't destroy the BLACK WOMEN because he's too stupid. The only people they are destroying are themselves.

One thing I can say about BLACK MEN is they are NOT thinkers. They concentrate on the wrong things in life.

Anonymous said...

They both need to act like adults and help there child grow. Some people should never become parents because they have yet to grow up smdh.
P.s she always with a different dude clearly she just want to be love. Just my little opinion

Anonymous said...

@11:55, I agree totally with that rant. It was long but a good read.

I see it happen all the time, I pray that she does not lose their child to him, money trumps all in most cases. I hope this does not happen.

Anonymous said...

@12:48 think again boo.Black men sabotage black women intentionally daily but I admit that many of them could not do this without the help of black women themselves.

Black women refuse to face the truth about where black men and black women stand.

They are trying to get along with marry have children with people that hate them.

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And they don't expect black men to do ANYTHING for them in return.So they give all their support away for free.

I don't think many black women understand how serious of a situation this is.

Anonymous said...

black people men or women suck in general stop acting like one is better than the other when they both equally suck.

Anonymous said...

Damn where is all this black male and female destruction going on at.Only on black blogs? Most of the black men and women I know are successful married happy and their kids are doing well in school,,they dont wear weaves, they are not loud in public and their men are happy to have a strong black woman in their corner.I think we push the sterotypes so much someof yall believe the hype,,,they say 72% of black women are single parents but 90% of them have significant others living with them,,,so what gives,,we single parents but we aint alone,,,we still got black men with us

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I don't understand why a judge would take a child from the mother's custody and to place the child with a parent who lives a very busy lifestyle spending like 10 months out of the year on the road. What is up with that? Also, did I read correctly that D. Howard had 2 children born in 2010 (one in Sept and the other in Dec)? That is just plain nasty!!

Royce need to be easy and not make the same mistakes that Siovaughn made; just give D. Howard his visitation and be done with it. All of this aggravation isn't worth the headache.

Anonymous said...

@1:20 ugh married and living together is different from having a baby daddy in tow, just saying. But all in all who cares.

Anonymous said...


Bee Gee said...

11:51 Lol. Fish is a Laker. He'll be back even if it's in a suit & tie. That negro is a Laker.

Royce said... “I am afraid if Judge Shea continues to preside over this case, I will lose custody of my child support checks” <<<---FIXED

Anonymous said...

Do what you gotta do gurl

Anonymous said...

He has 2 or maybe more baby mama's he is not dragging through the mud, what is his strife with Royce. There are many baby mothers that have babies for a check but in Royce case I don't believe it to be so. She doesn't want to lose custody of her child because she is a mother that has raised her son since birth.

Anonymous said...

@7:21 you seem to be close to the specifics of royce reed so can you provide RWS with this particular bit of information for us. how old was royce reed and how old was dwight howard when they started on their path to having this child.

i think those facts would shed some light on this assertion you made "There are many baby mothers that have babies for a check but in Royce case I don't believe it to be so."

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