Monday, October 29, 2012

Police Seeking Help in Natina Reed Investigation

Contrary to earlier reports Atlanta singer Natina Reed was not killed in a hit and run accident, but police are seeking help in the investigation of her death...

From The AJC 
Gwinnett County authorities are seeking information to help explain the accidental death of Atlanta R&B singer Natina Reed of the female group Blaque, who was struck and killed late Friday while standing in a roadway just north of Lilburn.
Gwinnett County police would like to speak to “anyone who might have information about anything that could help us determine why she was there, anything to help us understand how this came together,” said police spokesman Sgt. Rich Long.
“As of right now, it does not appear that the driver has any fault in this event,” said Long, who added that it was the driver who contacted police about the accident. The driver, who was not immediately identified, was not expected to be charged, the spokesman said.
Long said investigators were still trying to determine why Reed was in the roadway and whether she was crossing or walking alongside it. The spokesman said CPR was performed at the scene and Reed was taken to Gwinnett Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead at 10:59 p.m.
“It’s kind of a dark lit area,” said Long. “There is not really anything in that area that’s open at that time of night, that would be any kind of a draw to a person up there,” he said.


Anonymous said...

So they're thinking suicide .... and on her bday Eve

May she r.I.p

Anonymous said...

yea, I kind of knew it was suicide. She decided to dart out in front of the car. Her birthday was going to be brought in with no money, no career, no success. Its reported that she made and spent over 2 million bucks from the movie bring it on. They said kurrupt helped her run through her money anddddddd her rent was coming up and she couldnt afford it but thats just hearsay I read on the comment section of one of these back yard blogs but it sounded believable to me.
RIP girl

Bee Gee said...

Rest in peace, queen.

Somebody claiming this is an industry blood sacrifice in 5..4..3..

Anonymous said...

She was hit on the street right next to her house, while on her way to get some snacks at a petrol station across the street. The couple who hit her claim they 'thought she was a deer' and they didn't stop immediately either. They drove for about two miles before turning back to check. Had they stopped immediately, her life could've been saved. She was, however, not crossing at a pedestrian crossing.

Bee Gee said...

^ wow

Tracy Faithful servant! said...

John 3:16
King James Version (KJV)
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Romans 8:28
King James Version (KJV).... And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.


Anonymous said...

Very sad news. I doubt it was suicide, that's a sloppy way to do it because it doesn't mean death. Chances are it was just an accident.

Very sad. RIP

TruthBeTold said...

Sounds like an accident to me

Anonymous said...

So was it a hit and run or not? thsmhis write up is confusing.

Anonymous said...

I meant this write up is confusing. Smh lol

Anonymous said...

Not to sound cynical but I'm just being honest,
The cops sound like they are going out of their way to "protect" the drivers....

That is a red flag to me!

Furthermore If she was on a street next to her house, then why are they asking folks to provide them with info as to why she was in that area???

I'm not talking about any of blood sacrifice stuff because I don't think that she would qualify (I don't say that to sound uncaring or without compassion about this because it is a sad situation)

BUT I do think that there is something shady with the story/ investigation. IMO

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@7:34am She was not anywhere near her home.

The article clearly states there was nothing in the rural section and what was she doing out there. So what store are you talking about she was crossing the road to go to?

Investigators said there was nothing open that time of night. So, YES it is possible to have mistaken her for a deer at that time of night and in that rural area. I call Suicide. Considering her history of spiralin' out. This poor child never seemed to be normal since that stint with Kurupt.
RIP to Natina and bless her son.

Anonymous said...

Don't think that jaywalking past a city curfew on a dark rural road will result in an arrest for a fatal accident of a pedestrian. In this case, no the pedestrian does not always have the right of way. So it is very unlikely to charge the driver.

This is very strange of her to be out there alone on a dark road in a rural area, I hope she was on that Meth. God bless her soul.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

^^ -- *wasn't on Meth*

Anonymous said...

I read in a local newspaper article that she was talking on a cellphone while walking across the street. Don't know why RWS didn't share that portion of the article Smh

Anonymous said...

All of you fake ass detectives. Ya'll don't know shit, that is why the COPS are asking for help because they don't know either...people saying it's suicide? STFU, there is nothing in that report above that suggested that. And RWS, you need to re-word your write up!! It doesn't even make sense!! """Contrary to earlier reports Atlanta singer Natina Reed was not killed in a hit and run accident""" Um, what? It sounds like she was killed in a hit and run to me...the driver wasn't at the scene when they contacted the police, that sounds like a hit and run to me...this was def a non post.

Anonymous said...

In a hit and run...people don't come back. Don't be stupid. Why on earth would someone commit suicide by jumping in front Of a car when they could easily take a bunch of pills in the comfort of their home? I'm with the majority here...sounds like an accident to me.

Anonymous said...

2:33pm there is no right, wrong or sensible way to off yourself.
You will still die...........

Anonymous said...

People walk into the laths of moving vehicles all the time. There are millions of ways to die or commit suicide, taking a bunch of pills doesnt make it more ”sensible”
I highly doubt that suicidal people are interested in making sense about taking thier own lives.
What doesnt make sense are these ass backwards jounalists.

Anonymous said...

She could of gotten drunk and was stumbling around. The story still sounds very weird to me. I will wait for all the facts before making an opinion.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm so sorry to hear about this. RIP little sista. RIP.

Jazz said...

“It’s kind of a dark lit area,” said Long. “There is not really anything in that area that’s open at that time of night, that would be any kind of a draw to a person up there,” he said.
If suicide by moving car was the goal, then why take a trip all the way out to a rural, apparently near desolate after dark area to do it when there were plenty of speeding vehicles right in her general area? If that part of town has low action at night, then it likely has very low traffic as well. What is a lone female doing there all alone at night?

Don't tell me she was waiting to commit suicide by hoping for a random motorist to hit her with their car when there's no guarantee one will show or even that she will die from getting hit, especially when a gun,drugs or poison would have been much quicker, more efficient and guaranteed effective.

C'mon Son! PLENTY of people survive car accidents everyday, I know some.

The cops don't know why she was there and are reaching out to others for help so that tells me they've exhausted all knowledge of family, friends, and significant others by now and still don't have a plausible explanation.

There's something off about her death.

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RealityChick said...

As a resident of Gwinnett County, I have to say that if indeed the cops are "protecting" the driver, then they're doing it for a good reason. I live just a few miles from Lilburn, GA, where the accident allegedly happened. Pedestrians who cross in the middle of the street, walk too far into the roadway, or even decide to walk/ride bikes down the center turn lanes (it happens constantly) generally have one thing in common: they're usually black. For whatever reason, they believe that they're impervious to death, they own the roads, and that everyone should get out of their way. Most don't even appear to look for cars before sauntering into the street at a slow stroll. In the unlikely event they do get hit, they figure they'll have a decent shot at winning the Ghetto Lottery, which is big business in the ATL area. Such frivolous lawsuits make ambulance-chasing lawyers like Ken Nugent a rich man. It's gotten so bad around here that most parents now warn their new teenage drivers (especially girls) to watch out for young blacks, especially males, walking too close to or in the middle of the road, and not allow them to make you stop your car for any reason, especially after dark. If you encounter a situation like this, drive to a safe location nearby and call the police.

I have no idea what this girl's intentions were for that night. However, for others who think it's okay to use the roadways as their own personal sidewalks, they do so at their own risk. People around here won't jeopardize their own safety by taking extreme measures to avoid you.

RealityChick said...

There was also a HUGE drug bust about a half-mile from where the girl was walking. Gwinnett Police arrested 16 people and seized the home they were using. They got $2.5 million in drugs. Apparently it had been going on for a long time.

The area used to be nice 20 years ago. I got married just a mile or two south of where she was hit. Now the area is dangerous, which is why parents are taking their kids elsewhere. Nobody wants to send their kids to Berkmar High School, the district where the accident happened. We're packing up and moving to the Pacific Northwest ourselves. Metro Atlanta is done.

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