Friday, November 16, 2012

Military Funeral Planned for Sherman Hemsley

Actor Sherman Hemsley will be laid to rest at a military funeral nearly four months after this death...

Sherman Hemsley died back in July after a battle with lung cancer, but his burial was held up while a long lost brother contested his will [click here if you missed that].

Last week a judge in Texas ruled the will valid [click here if you missed that] and now plans are being made for a military funeral and burial at Fort Bliss National Cemetery in El Paso, Texas.

Sherman Hemsley served in the US Air Force before his acting career.

A date for the service has not been released.


Anonymous said...

Thank long for this

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!!! Although his spirit has since left his body, he can finally be laid to rest!

RIP!!! Sherman "aka George Jefferson" Hemsley.

Bee Gee said...

It's bullshit that some long lost "brother" contesting his will could affect the timing of him being laid to rest. Bullshit.

Tracy God Faithful Servant said...

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KountryBoy said...

One of the true entertainers of the last 40 years , under appreciated and marginalized by Hollyweird but was still able to stamp his legacy and the industry.

I see him doing his George Jefferson strut through the Pearly Gates while Moving On Up plays in the background announcing his arrival. It is so true , you never truly appreciate someone until they are gone.

Sherman Hemsley

Anonymous said...


capria30 said...

I am so glad the fighting is over....GREAT TALENT! RIP Mr. HEMSLEY.

Anonymous said...

He made us laugh and served our country, too?

Well done, Mr. Hemsley.

Anonymous said...

That man put so much joy in my life. God rest his soul. Thank goodness this is over.

gr8p said...

This right here and James Brown's death. People get your wills in order! Fuck that wi or new iPhone or whatever you're about to spend a couple hundred on. Find an attorney and get your will together and name an executor. Your ass will be laid up somewhere for 3 months while your asshole (and you know they assholes) relatives fight over everything from your house to your china.

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