Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Frank Says Chris Threatened to Shoot Him

In the police report from the Chris Brown / Frank Ocean fight Frank says somebody called him a gay slur and that Chris Brown threatened to shoot him...

According to the incident report, which came out during the hearing to determine whether or not Chris Brown faked his community service hours, it was revealed that the the fight between Chris Brown and Frank Ocean did indeed start over a parking space.

In the account, provided by Frank Ocean, Frank says after asking Chris to move his car Chris extended his hand and Frank refused. That's when Chris punched Frank in the side of his head and two others jumped in. Frank says he heard a gay slur but was unsure who said it and that after the fight Chris told him "we can bust on you, too!' slang for shoot.

The Los Angeles County sheriff's office closed the investigation after Frank said he did not want to press charges.


Anonymous said...

frank doesnt your bff tyler the creator say faggot all the time though???

Anonymous said...

Chris gonna "bust" on that fool!

Staten Island Girl said...

why doesnt he just press charges since he was so scared.this shit is ridiculous. frank ocean is a jerk CB needs help and they all suck

Anonymous said...

*again, for the cheap seats*

Just the facts(well-known and easily verifiable):

1.)Frank Ocean is an admitted bisexual/gay black man.
3.)(If you fear the "law"; why?) God, Lord Of All The Mighty: "Men who lie with men, as they lieth with women, are an abomination and shall be PUT TO DEATH; Their blood will be on THEIR hands!"

God hates fags!! "Why so," you now ask? Well, they CHOOSE to live lives of sin - they expose the innocent (black women) to disease/sickness, which enrages God!
Nature hates fags!! Nature curses fags with sickness and diseases: AIDS. Mankind is not above God, nor Nature.. There, therefore, cannot be a "anti-gay hate crime". "Why so," you now ask? Well, faggots are, quite literally, murderers, so they're not above suspicion, nor telling lies; again: Frank Ocean is a self-admitted bisexual/gay black man, and therefore -as the facts clearly prove - CANNOT be trusted/believed!

..That said: The 'likes' of a "Frank Ocean" infects innocent, unaware black women with AIDS. He is thus - a filthy, diseased liar.

Frank Ocean: Diseased. Lying. Filthy. Hell-Bound, God-Hating Sodomite!

X,Y,"and Z"

Anonymous said...

I smell BS probably hu(man)shi* and it coming from Franks camp how ironic.

Anonymous said...

FUCK FRANK!!!! When Hollywood uses the N-word profusely, this negro ain't offended, but call him faggot and he butt hurt. FUCK FRANK!!!

EggHead said... For a "Christian," you sure are filled with hate. What happened to loving thy neighbor and leaving the judging up to God? That shit you wrote is disgusting and offensive, not to mention UNTRUE. Please have several seats.

Anonymous said...

snitch stop making up shit,tmz found the popo report frank didn't say shit i swear yall mothafuckas on here are hella stupid as shit and 3:49 PM BITCH FUCK YOU. TAKE YOU ASS ON TO JACKY JASPER WITH THAT BULL SHIT HOE GAY IS NOT A SIN. THE BIBLE IS FAKE SLOW IN THE HEAD HOE FOH

Anonymous said...

@4:16 pm <-- Jacky, is that you?! I'm flattered..

Jacky, can you please stop with the removal/blockage of posts you don't agree with?

Jacky, do you now not live, as you have now for the past 4-years, with a white dude - a Derrick Angelone - in a ONE-BEDROOM Apartment?

Jacky, didn't Tyrese run-up on you and YOU then turned-tail and ran away from him?

Jacky, who is Joy Davis?

Jacky, FYI: they're no 'Gay Streetkings/Pimps. At least, none that I've ever heard of.

Jacky, you're a fraud. You're as much of a fraud as Corrections Officer William Roberts, AKA, "Ricky Ross".

Jacky, the streets are watching and lauging at you -- FOR THE CURIOUS WHO WANT TO KNOW ALL-THERE-IS-TO-KNOW ABOUT "JACKY JASPER":

X,Y,"and Z"

Anonymous said...

@Egghead (4:15pm) -- When since has truth become "hate speech"? There's not one single thing I've said that is based in "hate", or "untruth".

Egghead, I'll be the first to admit that the bible is, at times, strict, if not terse. Yet still, it is so for a reason: humanity can be pure evil!

Egghead, there, to me as least, is nothing more "hateful" than making young black men into "perfect" scapegoats, and then only worth of/for incarceration and the grave.

I think there is none-more "hateful" than Harvey Levin. Harvey Levin is the face of Hollywood: GAY, JEWISH, WHITE-MALE -- very reactionary; equally conservative; and VERY, VERY RACIST.

X,Y,"and Z" -- OUT..!!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


You know they are friends and RWS loves to pass our IP address to her fellow bloggers like she did to Sandra Rose.
*heating up water for more tea*

Bee Gee said...

Aw shit, XYZ is in da cut. Chris Brown knows he's safe in here today gotdammit..

Anonymous said...

@4:25 pm --

I have a fix for that: "RWS loves to pass our IP addresses to her follow bloggers like she did to Sandra Rose": "Proxy Service" which'll mask my real IP address. That said, I now rarely post on the blogs. But you know, I think it's high-time that the frauds are exposed. Are we in agreement?

P.S. - I'm now watching a live stream of Chris Brown outside court. It seems he just left his probation progress hearing -- WALKED OUT THE FRONT DOOR!!! I guess all the "noise" is just that - noise: "Chris Brown fakes/alters his Probation Report/Probation may be revoked" <--Complete, pure, and utter rubbish..!!!

@RWS - I'm still waiting for that Miami-Cell-Phone-Arrest-Warrant that you'd said was pending.

Also, @RWS -- Not that you care - as your disregard of any mention/reporting clearly showed, but you do know that this past week marks the 1-year anniversary of the murder of innocent, only-crime-was-walking-while-black-from-the-store 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, right?

*Meh* The shame: the public lynching of another young black male continues.

X,Y,"and Z" -- OUT..!!

Anonymous said...

@Bee Gee (5:43 pm) --

It's been a minute, hasn't it? I just can't blog, as much as I'd now like to, and yet still do my FX Trading.

As far as this entire "Frank Ocean fiasco", even a blind man can see the BS - long-story short, if there were a case to pursue, then you can best believe, Mr. Frank "I-have-no-talent-so-I-have-to-resort-to-sensationalism" Ocean would've BEEN ALREADY infront of the cameras shedding his I-am-gay/woe-is-me crocodile tears -- all, need I remind you, just before the Grammy Awards.

And what did we learn today, boys and girls? Another swing-and-a-miss for Harvey Levin, Frank Ocean and the racist, reactionary gay mafia..!!

X,Y,"and Z"

Anonymous said...

@3:49 you are seriously a disgusting person. so hate filled. jesus didnt hate. go quote your bible bullshit somewhere else cause you are not a true christian.

Anonymous said...

X,Y and Z spilled the tea! Oh boy!

Anonymous said...

X Y and z , you know BeeGee is cough cough Snitch, whats up with the phone warrant.
Thanks for the info on proxy, that shit

Hope to see you soon.

1 bedroom they're no 'Gay Streetkings/Pimps..lawd.. I did see him on Dateline and he did look sweet, I still love reading
Thanks for the Tea!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Chris brown at this point needs to get help, and he's lucky to get a pass. I really believed in Chris Brown it's a shame he went back to Rihanna back into a dysfunctional relationship.

Anonymous said...

X,Y,&Z!!! Long time, no Crazy. You don't post on That gRape Juice anymore?

Anonymous said...

Frank is lying, I can tell. If he's not pressing charges why won't he shut up. Anyway, Chris might have called him a gay slur but never threatened to kill him.

TRACY LOVE GOD 4 EVER .. said...

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GOD HATES THE SIN BUT LOVES THE SINNER!!!◄ Isaiah 59:2 ►King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.) But your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear.
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Anonymous said...

I can't stand CB but this sounds like only half the story. Frank of course is only gona say what Chris said and did, but what did Frank say and do? I doubt he was just standing there doing nothing either. Chances are he was giving as good as he got.

Anonymous said...

@10:16 pm -- "X,Y,&Z!!! Long time, no Crazy. You don't post on That gRape Juice anymore?"

It's just the time. I had stuff to tend to. I haven't been on TGJ in nearly 1-year. I'm happy for Sam's success. But, truth be told, Chris, as far as Teambreezy's blog presence is falling short/behind. Look, it's like this - you gotta take the fight to your enemies. You take no prisoners. From what I've been reading, Teambreezy is.."lacking"..

Chris Brown needs to get in contact with me - HE KNOWS HOW..!! He went on big boy's radio show and said lots of harsh things; things pointed in my direction. Man, sometimes I just don't understand that boy. It's like he shoots first, then thinks 'bout the what/why second.

Gotta run,

X,Y,"and Z" -- OUT..!!

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