Friday, June 14, 2013

Chris Brown Gets Dunked On

A hilarious vine video of Chris Brown getting dunked on by Detroit Piston Andre Drummod showed up online last night...

Now what's not so funny are the sales numbers from Chris Brown's Fortune album that dropped this time last year. According to Chart News it still hasn't even gone gold. Ouch.


Anonymous said...

Of course a professinal basketball player dunked on him

Do u think he can out dance Chris brown??


Its to be expected

Snitch get us some news

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

They shoulg have had a dance off.

Anonymous said...

What is this "Vine" shit and why are grown ass people hopping on EVERY social network? Having FB, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Path, etc. is dumb. You follow the same people on all of them, talk about the same shit and post the same pictures and videos. But then people want to cry about the NSA spying. These social networks are apart of NSA too.

Anonymous said...

This is "news from the bathroom wall" written with a piece of doo doo.

Anonymous said...

@10:26. OHHH good point. People betta wake up. I dont really use social media too much anyway. I dont have time to document my life's every moment because im too busy living it.

Mycatsrule said...

Tweeter rant coming in 54321....

Anonymous said...

i didn't realize CB changed professions.

So thank you captain obvious for letting us know that a performer got dunked on by a professional basketball player.

shanicka said...

i agree. all these social networks are fuckin irritating.

Anonymous said...

@10:26 I have never heard of vine until I click this link. And WTF is Path? SMH.

I close almost all my SNS. Facebook, Myspace, Youtube, Orkut, etc. The only account I still have open is Twitter and I seldom use that one.

Anonymous said...

...And meanwhile, down in (not so sunny)Sanford, Florida, a Felony-Murder-Trial Jury is now being chosen: George "I Shoot Innocent 17-year-olds" Zimmerman who gunned down 17-y/o Trayvon Martin in cold blood.

And if you dare, check the RWS archives - NOT ONE THREAD/POST was done on this most troubling of issues.. The obvious question now begs to be asked:

Hey, Snitch, are you black/AA, and why do you harbor such hate heterosexual black men?

Bunker Bill

Tippie Toes said...

OMG this was soooo funny Chris fell all goofy but it was hilarious and I didn't FORTUNE was out must go cop!

Tippie Toes said...

i agree. all these social networks are fuckin irritating.
And detrimental to some folks lives - I've never understood it!

Anonymous said...

..And as the stomach churnss..

"Slasher Drake" flashes his "Half Jew" pass and gets relieved of all culpability in the matter of initiating the bottle-throwing melee that resulted in the vile, near sociopathic slashing of several women recently in a NYC club.

The obvious question now screams at you,just begging to be answered:

And just how many 'rightful blame' threads/posts did Snitch do on the matter?

..As many as you'll find the the RWS archives relating to the murder of innocent 17y/o Trayvon Martin by the antisocial, near-sociopath George "gun 'em down" Zimmerman.

Bunker Bill

Anonymous said...

Damn, them sales are Keyshia Cole numbers. Did the Bey Hive sting him too?

Anonymous said...

@Bunker Bill (aka X,Y,Z). Sn!tch did a whole post (apparently you missed that when you "checked the archives") about her decision to NOT post about Trayvon "I wanna be Gangstalicious" Martin's murder or the impending case. But you are free to talk about it in the comment section, particularly on a Beyonce or Rihanna post.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you say?

Bee Gee said...

This was so bad that it almost looked staged..?

Anonymous said...

@2:50 pm

re: "her decision to NOT post about Trayvon "I wanna be Gangstalicious" Martin's murder or the impending case."

So the never-exhausted-often-explored topics of "Woman Battery", "Misogyny", "Sexism", and "Homophobia" are all certainly welcomed for discourse, but the racial profiling/stalking/foot-chasing-losing-sight-of-then-again-locating-and-yet-again-pursing-by-foot, then sadly culminating in the cold-blooded murder of a 17 Y/O heterosexual black male (who, forensics experts say, can be heard screaming for help/his life), and who only possessed the want, need, and desperate desire to flee his stalker/pursuer, soda and candy is "off limits and "too serious"..?!

*WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! Flashing Lights* Non Sequitur Alert/Amber Warning:Missing Humor Alert/Swinnnng and a miss: "But you are free to talk about it in the comment section, particularly on a Beyonce or Rihanna post."

Bunker Bill

Anonymous said...

@Bee Gee the whole thing was staged cb knew what was going to happened . It's just a lil fun and comedy for vine.

Anonymous said...


No. That topic of said agitating/bucking/should-have-been-running-for-your-life-and-not-be-engaging-with-a-lunatic-who-has-a-gun-when-all-you-have-is-a-bag-of-skittles-and-iced-tea, 17 Y/O heterosexual male is not too serious. As we have discussed it numerous times, as I previously stated, in the COMMENTS SECTION of various posts (again, particularly on a Beyonce or Rihanna that I've thought about it, let Chris Brown posts be an open forum to "serious" random topics as well).

Anonymous said...

@6:36 pm --

re:"..said agitating/bucking/should-have-been-running-for-your-life-and-not-be-engaging-with-a-lunatic-who-has-a-gun-when-all-you-have-is-a-bag-of-skittles-and-iced-tea.."

It seems you're lacking crucial details of the George "Shoot-Em-Up" Zimmerman murder of 17y/o Trayvon Martin. They're already in the public domain, feel free to relive yourself of that pall of ignorance that now burdens you:

(1.)Trayvon Martin (as he told his gf while on the phone with her) was followed by a strange man: Zimmerman.
(2.) The gunman then was advised NOT TO FOLLOW Trayvon, who was coming back from the store with his bag of Skittles and Iced Tea.
(3.)The gunman ignored the advisory/warning/directive from the 911 dispatcher, and then profiled Trayvon.
(4.)The gunman then surveiled, stalked, and pursed Trayvon.
(5.)The gunman lost track/sight of Trayvon, but like any blood-thirsty apex predictor, was unrelenting in the pursuit of weaker prey.
(6.)The gunman AGAIN found his prey - no-more-than 100 yards, and within sight of Trayvon's front door.

..It was there that young Trayvon struggled for life as he yelled, screamed, and pleaded for his life and help - as verified by acoustic forensic experts - and it was there, within sight of his front door, that the unrelenting, stalking, profiling, enraged, blood-thirsty George Zimmerman shot and murdered the young coming-from-the-store 17yo Trayvon Martin.

Anderson Cooper, and may others, have already shown the aforementioned to be ALL factual.

In summation:

1.) George Zimmerman racially profiled, stalked, pursued, and gave chase to young Trayvon.
2.) Trayvon Martin RAN AWAY FROM his stalker - not once, but TWICE!!
3.) TRAYVON WAS YELLING AND PLEADING FOR HELP - as it was HE who was heard by neighbors and the 911 dispatcher - all already verified by expert acoustic forensics.
4.) Why isn't young Trayvon given the benefit of doubt that the "stand your ground" law now affords his stalker/murderer? After all, it WAS Trayvon who was profiled, stalked, and chased to HIS front door by a menacing, unrelenting, pursuing shadowy figure on that cold, damp, rainy Sanford, Fla. night.

What's now abundantly clear is your less-than acute critical thinking skill which masks a hater/rage of all things black male and heterosexual.

Bunker Bill

Anonymous said...

@"Bunker Bill"

I hope you are this passionate about the very common BLACK-ON-BLACK crime like in Chicago and LA just as you are about this liberal-driven, over-sensationalized case...

shitorsugarreanimated said...

poetry in motion is what that is.

Anonymous said...

Drummond don't fuck around a blow a knee out messing around Chris Clown that dude is cursed!

zeeedeee said...

who in the hell thought it would be funny to try to humiliaye a person who is being publicly bombarded with is this?...who kicks a person that is already down?...a fuckin moron thats who...and bunker hill i feel your pain....that whole george zimmerman killing that child and the cover up that still continues to this day regardin it is some BULLSHIT!...i feel his mothers pain as well

Anonymous said...

@8:34 pm -

re: "I hope you are this passionate about the very common BLACK-ON-BLACK crime like in Chicago and LA just as you are about this liberal-driven, over-sensationalized case..."

Oh, make no mistake - I'm "passionate" about many, many things, but none-more-so do I find as captivating, and thus worthy of mention as WHITE-ON-WHITE crime (and to name a few):

1.) The very racist/antisemitic/zenophobic/homophobic/mesogynist Mel Gibson attacked his child's mother as SHE held THEIR infant child in her arms - he punched her in the mouth, knocking out both her front teeth, and injured their child during his attack on them. He then held a gun to her head and threatened her to kill her.
2.) Charlie Sheen has DECADES to his pedigree as a batterer/hater of women.
3.) Casey Anthony drove for weeks with the rotting corpse of her child in the trunk of her car.
4.) Oscar Pistorius used his gf for target practice; ain't nothin' more 'real world' than having a living,breathing, throughly terrorized human target to get the blood pumping and adrenaline flowing.

..And although the 'Blade Gunner' slept with his door and window open, with his home alarm system thus disengaged (all facts he attested to in his written statement law enforcement) - he, like you, will somehow lay blame for his (your) transgressions at the feet of black floks: your fixation with "black-on-black" crime.

Bunker Bill

Anonymous said...

@Bunker Bill Snitch doesn't give a good got damn about what's really going on in Black America hence all these brain killing repetitive posts about nothing and bullshit and Beyonce-Rihanna-ChrisBrown-KimYe You won't find intellectual discourse here. This shit is designed to dumb you down.

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