Thursday, July 30, 2015

Meek Mill Promises Diss Track Tonight

Its been almost a week since Philly rapper Meek Mill fired the first shot at rival Drake accusing the Canadian rapper of using ghostwriters [click here if you missed that].

Now, two diss tracks later from Drake [click here and here if you missed that], Meek is finally ready to respond…

30 minutes ago Meek Mill consigned an Instagram post quoting Tupac's infamous diss track to Biggie Smalls 'Hit Em' Up' with the word 'Tonight!' with a sunglasses emoji.


Courtney Oliver said...

He prolly trying to see what rhymes with what lol

Anonymous said...

6:58...LOL; really tho

Anonymous said...

Gròw up! No other genre of music does this, ignorant ish.
Got a bunch of fools using their god given gifts for negativity.

#blacklivesmatter - but let me disrespect you on a record, first.
Is the record business so slow on sales that rather than trying to sell a would rather disrespect another Blackman?

damn we our own worst enemy. Aint it bad enough' we cant walk the earth in peace?

Disrespectful to all the people who were in the music business before you, that this is how you use ÿour public platform.

Anonymous said...

This is why soćiety puts us on the bottom wrung,
And dont give a flip about whether we die or not.

We dont care about a blacklife. Why the hell should they!
Frickin "diss songs"

Pathetic ass blackmen!

The King Of The Real said...

woah woah. Diss track is the way to beef people. Not going out in the streets, just keeping it on wax

Anonymous said...

Pathetic waste of time and energy!
Black folks have bigger problems goin on!

We aint free Rap about that!
Police tryin their best to turn us all into a frickin # hashtag

We are out here look at an arbitrary death sentence every time we leave the house, and their silly asses are tryin to see who can say repulsive disrespectful sh*t to each other on wax.

Would rather kill each other than, protect their people.

Only race on earth that does this. No other genre of music puts out diss tracks?
What is the need to disrespect each other?? When all you have to so is turn on the TV and see that we are walking targets?

PATHETIC SORRY ASS BLACKMEN! Get up write a diss track about this bullsh*t thats going on with one of us dying daily bynthe hands of the police!

Anonymous said...

I am sick of hearing about this UGLY ASHY MEATBALL LOOKING NIGGAS! ALL THREE OF THEM-Drakesha, Nicki Garbaj and this ugly crackbaby here! Why is this shit hot news????? More distraction!

Anonymous said...


Girl calm down hip hop has always been out about battle rapping. As far black men getting killed in the streets, bitch blame the POLICE for shooting the guns, not us.


Why are your DISTRACTED azz here then? Go fight for your rights.

OT: Meek aint gon do shit.

Anonymous said...

@7:35 tell that to Biggie and Pac

Anonymous said...

Tweet baby, tweet baby. Tweet Mills is so corny /:

Anonymous said...

1st I aint YOUR BITCH.
Next, I am am aware that Hip Hop is about. Battle.
But your ass is is the middle of a war!

Playing High School games on instagram!
Skinny Jeans wearing - pathetic - weak ass - Moma Boys.

talking all this sh*t to each other, but when it really jumps off where were these folks? I didnt see nal one of them get tear gassed or even march with your ass, when the real fight was on.

I didnt see Drake NOR Meek Mil in Ferguson, New York, Baltimore?
These fools dont give a flying Frick about you!

Your stupid ass waiting on pins and needles to see what one millionaire is gonna say to another millionaire..

Real Rap Battles happen face to face...
Why dont they meet up some where they can do this battle in person? Put it on Vine.

Nope your silly ass waiting to see what these WEAK ASS fools is gonna say to each other. mean while the real war is going down!

check out what happened in #ferguson today
While your sitting here waiting for your Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes

Anonymous said...

I spy Kylie's new peen.....

The King Of The Real said...

@10:02 take your hotep ass to another blog

Anonymous said...

Is anyone considering the fact that this might be a FAKE beef, a distraction from Sandra Bland and the other deaths that have resurfaced in jails in various parts of the country #WakeUp #mediahasanagenda its called trap music Cuz it's a Trap!! #divideandconquer

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