Monday, September 28, 2015

Australian Officials Move on Plans to Block Chris Brown

Last week a government official in Australia announced her intention to block Chris Brown's entry into the country because of his 2009 domestic violence conviction [click here if you missed that].

While Chris has denied the reports immigration officials have moved forward with their plans…

On Sunday Chris Brown was given an official “notice of intention to consider refusal” of his visa application and he has 28 days to appeal.

Chris remains optimistic telling his fans,

The post has since been deleted.


Libra girl said...

I wish certain people would leave Chris Briwn alone. There are plenty white boy's who do worse and they don't get treated like this. He made a mistake that already cost him a lot why can't he move on with his life and make money?

Anonymous said...

you, new blacks do not get it and seems like you never will. YOU WERE NEVER LIKED NOR RESPECTED at home or abroad. These images and police reports of violence all the way down to domestic violence make blacks as a group too high of a risk.

You are not white and white privilege does not nor ever has extended to you. Get over it. Do you hear tell of other minor groups being treated like it? No. this is truly thuggery at its finest. Stop treating to make white people accept and do better as a group.

Anonymous said...

He's been there like 3 times since that happened so why now?... IJS

Co-sign 10:28...

Anonymous said...

The racism notwithstanding. I really bet Chris wishes he had just pulled over, walked out of the car until he cooled down and handled that situation differently.

I see so many young black men act violent or aggressive with Black women like that wont have consequences down the line. He thought he could get away with beating Rihanna for the same reason he cheated on her: he thought she was worth less than other women because of her skin color.

I bet Fist Brown would've never dared touch Rihanna if she was a Becky or Kim Wu.

That's probably why he never laid a hand on that Karrueche girl. She's half Asian.

These black men's self hate issues are going to destroy them, not Black Women or anybody else.

Oh well, action's have consequences. This is what he gets for doing that. Black men are going to have to stop being cowards and fight the group of people who really cause their problems and try to bring them down which is the same group of people they idolize and try to emulate: WHITE MEN.

Anonymous said...

We fought this long and this had to get away from the black brute stereotype, so Black Men really need to use better judgement. This shit is not normal so I wish people would stop trying to excuse it.

I could see if he was putting the money he made back into the community but he did no prison time, barely did his community service, and he doesnt seem to give a fuck about the community that supports and defends him. It's not a tragedy for me personally.

Anonymous said...

@9:51 How are white men causing black men's troubles?
Are white men beating black women? Are white men forcing black men to live the thug life?
Are white men making bad life decisions for black men?
Black people need to leave wite people's collective name out of their mouth and focus on doing better by themselves, for themselves.
White man ain't holding you back/down/backtofront or upsidedown.
White man got nothing to do with your fucked up life. GTFOH

Anonymous said...

@ 7:07am


Although in this case I meant the white immigration officials who denied him entry to Australia. And in a larger sense the way white racism socioeconomically disenfranchises black men so that they have the kind of masculinity that leads to this kind of behavior.

But... none of that shit applies to Chris. So yes, I stand corrected and I completely agree with what you said.

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