Monday, September 28, 2015

Game Re-Heats Beef with Young Thug

Back in May rappers Game and Young Thug got into a skirmish over Thug's beef with Lil Wayne that ended when Young Thug appeared to back down [click here if you missed that].

Last night the beef heated up again…

It all started when Game went on The Breakfast Club and implied Young Thug backed down because ish got real.

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Apparently that's not what really happened. Young Thug revealed the truth last night after posting FaceTime video of Game apologizing to him profusely.

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A video posted by CESAR THE APE!!!!!!! (@thuggerthugger1) on

Not to be outdone Game fired back with this

but Thug wasn't finished either.

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Can't we all just get along?


Anonymous said...

Game is making to many enemies! He's in the way!

Anonymous said...

8:24 Game been making enemies since he stopped rocking with G-Unit. In his world, it keeps him relevant smh.

AnRnBThug said...

This Motherfucker suppose to have money but got more cracks on his phone than a Lee Daniels BBQ

Anonymous said...

Game got Exposed!! He went on the radio and implied that he handled the situation but what he didn't know is Thugger recorded him apologizing. LMAO. When keeping it real goes wrong!

Anonymous said...

Game is trying to be a gangster and a family man. Choose one!

Anonymous said...

This is funny...carry on fools lol

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