Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Blackish Takes on Police Brutality

An upcoming episode of Blackish takes on the hot button topic of police brutality in the Black community...

From Variety
The episode, titled “Hope,” will revolve around a fictional incident of police brutality that Rainbow (Tracee Ellis Ross) and Andre “Dre” Johnson (Anthony Anderson) discuss with family members, including the couple’s four children. Much of the episode will focus on various characters’ reactions as they watch a news broadcast about the case, which involves an African-American teenager’s encounter with police.
As was the case when the family talked about the issue of guns in the home, members of the Johnson clan do not necessarily see eye-to-eye about what the kids should know and when they should know it.
The episode airs Feb. 24


Anonymous said...

Jumped the shark. When black comedies become political, that's when the show downhill.See A DIFFERENT World.

Anonymous said...

Not true - the Jefferson's was very political and they had a long run - Star Trek the entire show was political - they have a cult following.... sometimes what happens in todays world is best expressed through satire/the arts... what killed a different world was no more Lisa Bonet.

Anonymous said...

I wish they could keep the show fun and lighthearted, however, these things need to be discussed. THEY ARE WHAT THEY ARE and to ignore it is stupid.

Clearly we aren't reading or going to lectures and having these meetings of the minds - churchs and politicians are failing us. So if TV and music and blogs are our outlet to get messages across, then we should use them.

Just watch out for the COINTELPRO. You know after a while, they don't like your message and your following they will assissinate dat ass. Ask Martin and Malcolm and all the Black Panthers.

Anonymous said...


MlK was killed by the yt man.
MALCOLM was killed by the Nation
Thr Black Panthers were destroyed from within through jealousy,greed and dope.
Huey started off good but he was drug trafgicking,pimping,beating his wife,killing prostitutes and fuck yt girls as well. Hey destroyed heuy. That nigga was a known drug addict in the last 10 years of his life.

Anonymous said...

^^^^All of those nuccas were gay and loved sucking fat white penis off. Don't believe the hype.

Back on topic: I hope they give an impartial view....

The King Of The Real said...

@4:03 they are dead through machinations of the goverment

brina said...

LOVED that show and even though last week was incredibly funny., I told my husband tonight when we watched the DVRd episode from two days ago, "Turn it off. They have jumped the shark. I am never watching this show again." It was a brilliant show and I gave it the benefit of the doubt for the first 20 minutes that I watched tonight and then I gave up. If they were telling the "truth" then it would be a much different picture. I wonder if Beyonce paid for this particular episode?

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