Saturday, February 06, 2016

Calls for Whitney Houston Case to be Re-Opened

Former secret service agent calls for Whitney Houston's death investigation to be re-opened claiming its the only way to solve the mystery behind daughter Bobbi Kristina's eerily similar demise...

From The National Enquirer
John A. Carman, a former Secret Service agent, told The National ENQUIRER, “This smacks of a double cover-up!”
Meanwhile, this publication has also learned another investigator, Isaac Weishaupt, has determined there is enough “evidence” to show the deaths could be related in both circumstance — and motive.
Both deaths are linked by a combination of drugs and Bobbi Kristina’s abusive boyfriend, Nick Gordon, 25, who was either near or at both death scenes.
“Whitney Houston ends up dead in a bathtub, covered with bruises, under hinky circumstances,” declared John. “Three years later, (Bobbi Kristina) dies in a bathtub, also covered with bruises, under hinky circumstances.”
John, who has worked hundreds of drug cases, said to solve the case, detectives must reopen a Whitney probe.
“Whitney’s case was dropped by Beverly Hills cops who didn’t do a proper forensic investigation,” he charged. 
“Her autopsy report had more questions than answers, and is frankly laughable as a legal document.”


Anonymous said...

I have been saying this from the very beginning..

Anonymous said...

Open that shit up John!!!! We need the truth.

Anonymous said...

Blah blah blah....... They can't find enough evidence to pin both murders on Nick, so they decide to retrace the circle a couple of times.

He either did it or he didn't.

✿✿Dotty✿✿ said...

This case should have never been closed PERIOD! and neither should her daughters case. Ray J had something to do with Whitney and Nick had something to do with Bobbi Kristina. Review both cases

Anonymous said...

Ray J, Pat and Nick better lawyer up.

Anonymous said...

Nick didn't do it, but the poor thing has become the scapegoat because he's an easy mark at this point with his mental instability. They're going to pretty much railroad his ass and I hate it. I'm still betting Clive Davis had his hands in both of their deaths somehow, but he'd likely die before that piece of truth hits the light of day.

Clive was hounding Whitney for new music until the day she was found dead and had the nerve to even read a supposed letter she wrote him promising she would pretty much deliver the music he wanted out of her. Basicly, I just got that Whitney owed Clive some big dollars and he sought to get them and more upon her death. Like Chaka Kahn said after Whitney died "you're worth more to them dead than alive".

Most people also forget Bobbi was supposed to die at the same time as Whitney the same way, but somebody found Bobbi before she could drown then the next day or whatever Whitney is found drowned the same way Bobbi was about to. Clive needed them both out the way at once so he could collect. The Browns and Houstons will get nothing more than whatever Clive is going to be willing to let them have.

Anonymous said...

Wow at 5:53 - That gives me a lot to think about. I just got a cold chill.

Anonymous said...

Truth! @5:53pm

Anonymous said...

Agreed @5:53.. Bottom line it was not an accident for either one of them..

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