Saturday, February 20, 2016

Children of Suge Knight's Victim Speak Out

Last summer Suge Knight was arrested on murder charges after running down Terry Carter at an off set promotional shoot for the N.W.A. biopic [click here if you missed that].

Terry's children open up about how they learned of their father's death...

Crystal Carter tearfully tells Crime Watch Daily,
“I didn’t know how severe the accident was. I found out when I got to the hospital and watched… [the news] on the [TV] screen in the waiting room. That’s how I found out, through… [TV],”
Warning: Video contains graphic content from video surveillance from the crime scene.

Suge is currently being held on $10 million bail while awaiting trail in Terry Carter's death. He has pleaded not guilty.


Anonymous said...

First. I guess Suge is going to be in jail for life.

✿✿Dotty✿✿ said...

Suge Knight deserves everything coming to him. He thought he was gangsta, lets see him be gangsta with other gangsta behind bars for life

Anonymous said...

The video was sad. I feel bad for his family. In regard to them suing Ice Cube & Dr. Dre, I would like to know more. It was obvious they were being careful with their words on that topic.

JAMAICA said...

1) Its lame to say "First" on any post like you get some braggin rights for it.

2)As much as i cant stand Suge, if you watch the tape carefully, when he runs over the 2nd dude, a mysterious car slowly pulls off. It looks like he was about to get popped by somebody and he tried to get away....just my opinion. If u just saw two people get run over, why would u pull away so slowly instead of getting out?

3) Why would u sue Ice Cube and Dr. Dre? Obviously to me they had nothing to do with it. Suge showed up on set for whatever reason looking for trouble. Obviously the victim was there on his own free will.

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