Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Jay Bromley Off the Hook in Rape Case

Earlier this week NY Giants lineman Jay Bromley was accused of raping a woman he met online and trying to run her over with his car [click here if you missed that].

Police have decided not to press charges because the woman turned out to be a hooker....

From Page Six
Bromley told cops that he found the woman naked on a bed when he emerged from the bathroom after checking into the Hyatt Herald Square over the weekend, law-enforcement sources said Monday.
She immediately performed oral sex on him, but abruptly stopped and asked for $2,000, which Bromley refused to pay because he thought they were on a date, the sources said.
“She turned out to be like a prostitute, and that’s not what he agreed upon,” one source said.
Despite betting rebuffed, the woman, a 26-year-old from Crown Heights, Brooklyn, continued the sex act, the sources said. The woman allegedly repeated her request for cash, and Bromley stormed out, the sources said.
The woman then hurriedly dressed herself and followed Bromley out, with surveillance video showing her badgering him as he tried to get away from her, the sources said.
Bromley also won’t likely be charged with assault over her claim that he hit her with his car outside the hotel, because video shows she jumped on the hood, the sources said.
Meanwhile, cops have learned that the accuser has a history of seeking out sports stars through Instagram — which is how she met Bromley — and receiving payment after having sex with them, the sources said.


Anonymous said...

Smh,these hoes.

Anonymous said...

Stuff like this is the reason why I don't jump when a woman yells rape. Always look at the facts but accusing.

The fact that she has a history of this ,makes tlyou wonder why she's not in jail.

Sunni Daze said...

Hold this L hoe.

Anonymous said...

So sex workers cannot be raped????
Fuck these niggas that seek out women who enjoy sex/are in the sex industry to rape them because they know people will slut shame them and victim blame them.

-The Virgin

Anonymous said...

Nobody raped that wilderbeast - I bet she pays men to phuck her she's horrid.... and if he didn't try to run her over he should have.... this bish a liar I hate ho's who cry rape making it hard for real victims....

Anonymous said...


You can't slut shame a prostitute.

This hoe was running a exhortation ring. Tacky bitch.

Anonymous said...

She looks tranny-ish.

$2,000 FOR HEAD???????
You can get head for $20 back in my hood.
Damn NY prices.

orchidjones said...

These Hoes really ARE loyal...to their pimps...bless her working heart!

Hip Hop(e) Writer

Anonymous said...

Remember, she also asked for a ride home. Between this broad and those Taz's Angel's chicks, you can tell this is a different time. If this were 20 to 30 years ago, these broads wouldn't have been bold enough to try this.

In turn, if these male celebrities had sense they'd pay these women off of steer clear of them. Um, "Instagram Model" is another phrase for "Escort." Maybe she thought he knew what time it was?

Anonymous said...

Each one of these broads are one spilled secret away from Atison Seiuli (Eddie Murphy's transgendered passenger and Deborah Jeane Palfrey (The DC Madam) status if they aren't careful.

Working girls, be careful and stay safe out there. Make good choices, be careful, save your money, and have an exit plan.

Anonymous said...

The part I enjoyed was where she jumped on the hood of the car; Oh, and her asking him for a ride home...And what did he expect? This dummy didn't Google her?

Anonymous said...

...meanwhile, Bill Cosby in court, today, was ordered to attend a second deposition in California for accusations of sexual abuse in the 1970s. Another case against him was withdrawn.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused at his statements, " he walked out of the shower and found her on his bed"? How did she get there in first place to be in the bedroom? "That is not what we agreed upon". He discussed something with her to be agreed upon and he reneged? So he met her to have sex from online and got a room? Who goes on first dates and immediately go to a hotel room. Did he think she wanted to fuck him for free? Where did he take her before the hotel "date"?

Anonymous said...

EXACTLY @ 6:13. This delusional ass dorky looking nigga. He refused to pay her because he thought they were on a date?? Isn't that what escorts call it? He knew what time it was. What kind of woman goes straight to a hotel and gives a man head immediately? (Ones getting paid for it) Shady cheap ass nigga. She may be a con artist or extortionist but he's the type of trick that wants sex then argues about the price or beats down the hoe.
They deserved each other. I hope she gave him herpes.

And I'm surprised at those cops, prostitutes get raped more that any other demographic. It's statements like that why these women don't report it, then the pervy trick goes on to start preying on regular girls, smdh.

I hope they both learned their damn lesson.

Anonymous said...

7:18,he should have been arrested as a john. Just because he wasn't on a street soliciting for one its just the same.

Anonymous said...


The only a prostitute yells rape is when she doesn't get paid.
She probably gave him a sample bj and thinking while he getting ready to bust a nutt,the bitch named her price. Nigga said he'll naw,probably didn't have 2 Gs on him but this stupid trick continue to blow him?????

Anonymous said...

@ 4:39

That antic was to put him on blast to everyone in sight. She was trying to embarrass him for not giving up the duckets.

Anonymous said...

All these celebrities trying to be Gatorade for all these thirsty ass hoes.

The King Of The Real said...

she willingly sucked his dick. Real hoes get paid first. Its like a drug deal. Dont give the product without the money in hand first. She literally played herself. He likely thought she was a groupie and then got the hell out there once she started talking all kinds of crazy money. He was legit. you can't yell rape for non-payment of non agreed upon sexual services. that is not how it works actually with this hoe she dont know how any of it works. She just been lucky getting guys who were afraid of having a negative image paying her off. This bruh here was like oh hell naw. You gets this nuts down your gullet and have a nice night. He aint paying that hoe nothing.

supaslim504 said...

The only a prostitute yells rape is when she doesn't get paid.

MUST be referring to square chicks with light build to pay because hookers get it up front. And hookers CAN be raped. They reserve the right to deny anyone service and often exercise that right. THAT is actually when most writing girl get raped. When a truck tries to take his money back afterward, it's called robbery. NOT rape.
Get your fxcking life.

supaslim504 said...

*light bills
*working girls

Anonymous said...

He got lucky this time, but as long as he continues to visit THOT-ville Nation looking for a little "fun", he will always have these types of problems.

IT is what it is. Ninja's that got hots THOTs see them and only think about sex, where as, THOTs look at these ninja's and only see dollar signs and/or a come up depending on who that ninja is.

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