Thursday, February 11, 2016

NeNe Leakes Ego Out of Control?

Earlier this week there were rumors Giuliana Rancic was being a mean girl to NeNe Leakes on the set of Fashion Police [click here if you missed that].

But has NeNe's ego on set made her unbearable...?

While there's no denying ratings have increased since NeNe joined the cast, insiders claim she is rubbing her co-hosts the wrong way by taking all the credit.

From Radar Online
...according [our] the source, this boost in ratings has given the former Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Leakes, an inflated ego.
“NeNe has really just been trying to steal the spotlight lately and because she has such a strong personality, it is making filming really difficult,” said the source.
“It has gotten to the point that Melissa has had to delegate increments of time that limit when each panelist is allowed to speak!”


Anonymous said...

Looks like she'll be looking for another job soon.

Anonymous said...

^^^ I hope so. Ratings are only up to see if she is actually good on the show. Not because she's all that good

Anonymous said...

Where is Kelly Osbourne? Bring her back! All I see is lollipop heads and big mouths on this show.

GG said...

NO-NOs time is ending soon. Ego issues..Im sick of her

GG said...
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Anonymous said...

Bi^^^ thinks she can overtalk everybody. Go ahead & piss those ppl off in Hollywood!! It's been time for her to slide back into obscurity..Hoe thinks she's Viola Davis or somebody.

Anonymous said...

"But has NeNe's ego on set made her unbearable...?"

WTH did they think would happen? I'll never understand how they missed the memo about 'Big Bird?

Cecelia said...

This is such a non story, even when Joan was there they managed when each panelist gave their opinion. Someone is just trying to get some sh** started because they feel some kind of way about Nene being there and bringing in higher ratings. ijs.

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