Monday, February 08, 2016

Nicole Richie Draws Up Divorce Papers?

Last year there were rumors Nicole Richie and Good Charlotte rocker Joel Madden were headed for divorce [click here if you missed that].

Is Nicole ready to throw in the towel for real this time...?

Insiders tell In Touch Nicole recently had divorce papers drawn up after going through Joel's phone and finding text messages from a groupie saying she couldn't wait for Joel to get back to Australia.

Joel is currently serving as a judge on the Australian version of The Voice.

The source claims,
“It made Nicole stick to her stomach — she was livid.”
“Nicole’s world is falling apart and she’s an emotional wreck, but she doesn’t have it in her to stay in a marriage where he disrespects her feelings constantly. She’s going through with the divorce.”


Anonymous said...

Move on Nicole. This guys just doesn't care. Who gives a groupie his direct line anyway?

Hi Tiger


Anonymous said...

this tramp was adopted by lionel ritchie and his black wife yet she does nothing to acknowledge the black parents that gave her a platform so screw her

Anonymous said...

4:06 that's a lie. She's very close with both of her BLACK parents.

Anonymous said...

^^^ exactly.
Just because she married a dumb, cheating azz white man instead of a lying, scheming black man doesn't mean she's any less proud of her heritage.

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