Monday, February 08, 2016

Ray J Threatens to Sue Over Kim Kardashian Smelly Kat Video

Last week an eight year old interview where Ray J was heard claiming Kim Kardashian has smelly lady parts surfaced online [click here if you missed that].

Now Ray J is threatening to sue if the audio is not removed...

Insiders tell TMZ the audio was leaked by Ray J's former business partner Maxwell Billieon, and that the interview was supposed to accompany a tell-all book that never came to fruition.

After the audio leaked online Ray J issued a cease and desist to Maxwell ordering him to remove the audio from Youtube.

Fun Fact: Last year audio from this same interview leaked where Ray J is heard bragging about playing Whitney Houston while they were dating [click here if you missed that].


Anonymous said...

But isn't the audio property of the website? How can he sue unless he was taped without his consent, and even then what are the wiretapping laws in the state?

Ray-J have a seat before people start asking about Whitney, how you make your money, and those people you allegedly run with, you mule! Doesn't this dummy realize he can be asked anything under deposition in a lawsuit. Boy, bye!

Honey Bun said...


Anonymous said...

shut up runner boy

Anonymous said...

This from the man who still boasts about all the money they made from exposing that very same smelly kat to the world.

What is he going to sue about, not being able to profit off that audio clip as well?

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