Thursday, March 31, 2016

Cynthia Bailey Throws in the Towel?

While Peter Thomas is desperately trying to fix his marriage to Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey insiders claim Cynthia is done...

A friend of Cynthia's tells Us Magazine,
 “It’s been a lot of problems over the years and it’s just gotten worse.” 
“You’ve seen it all play out on the show. She’s just over it. It’s not just the alleged cheating, it’s everything. There have been problems all along. He’s really trying to talk it out but it seems to be it for Cynthia. It’s not going to last.”


Anonymous said...

She ain't done. She said the same shit about NeNe when their friendship broke up. Peter will have to dump and leave Cynthia but she can't dump and leave him

Anonymous said...

Peter had to put the pressure on Cynthia to even get married! She ain't want to marry him to begin with - how many times has she been engaged?

Marriage just isn't for some people.

Anonymous said...

Translation: This broke Jamaican bum has been spending all of her money in the last five years & she's finally fed up, especially since he's been spending her cash on those hoes in North Carolina & she can't get his old azz to come home no more.
Leon is into men so she can't go back to him, but I ain't one to gossip about his wide nosed azz, so don't say I said that part.

Peter should've opened a Jamaican restaurants because I will ride across the Piranha ridden Amazon to get some good oxtails, from VIRGINIA. JAMAICANS CAN COOK THEIR BUTTS OFF MAN!!!

Anonymous said...

@1:33 pm. NO!!!! Not Leon!! Say it ain't so, whose his man? Damn, this man has a man.

Anonymous said...

@ 1:33

Naw these hoes here in North Carolina got Peter ass like the dude in Harlem Nights "He aint coming home no mo". He blew through her money and she's looking stupid!

Damn Leon :|

chevychick said...

For CYNTHIA to be ready to throw in the towel, it's got to be for financial reasons more than anything else. She has been ride or die, some people even called her weak. She has invested in most if not ALL of his bars. She didn't wanna get married, but she did,through all of his shenanigans-she stayed. And I know she said that it's a combination of things, but I just believe money is playing a big part. Hopefully he didn't do to much financial damage though, we all need our coins.

Anonymous said...

Should've listened to her mom. Her bank account is stacks lighter and for what? Hope she had a prenup.

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