Saturday, April 16, 2016

Beyonce Drops Lemonade Teaser

Beyonce sends the BeyHive into a frenzy with a teaser for a new project set to drop on HBO April 23rd...

A video posted by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on


Anonymous said...

Wow! A Nepheline

Anonymous said...


Yes, I'm That Leah said...

Just came here to say.... thank God that the boycott is working as intended.
Thank God that this writer provided proof.

Proof that Beyonce did not crash the site. The clothes are still there fully stocked, and now at 50 percent off.

Thank God that people are finally backing down off this stupid idol worship of mortal people who breathe the same air as the rest of us. I didn't watch the video, but , it better had been released on Tidal... good riddance and God speed!

Anonymous said...

at this point in her career beyonce should be past the point of gimmicks. just come out with some good music, fresh dance routines, and for goodness sakes update your look. a blonde lacefont for almost 15 years now. wtf. and it looks like the same one. lol. bey seems all over the map at this point. am supposed to focus on the music, or the clothing line, or the vegan meals. i miss old school singers. sigh.

Anonymous said...

^ Of course no one's buying that shit. Plenty other athletic lines out there. And is this another "formation"? I'm good.

Anonymous said...

2:37 PM

Just wanted to say that Cosmo got called out for them being in the wrong when it came to the launch... and TopShop even tweeted that their site was messing up due to the flood of customers.

Link to a video of the customers waiting in NYC

Also, that TopShop link you posted... boo. Nothing there is 50 percent off. Why even post that? Where is the sale and of course the clothes are restocked. That's what they do with things that get sold out and are popular; they restock.

Their sale page, no Ivy Park in there

On Topic:
I'm excited about Lemonade. I'll be watching.

Anonymous said...

^To add to my post, on the Ivy Park TopShop section, a lot of the different sizes are sold out. They only have M to XXS left and some only XXS. So I guess they haven't restocked yet or just keep on selling too fast.

Anonymous said...

^Lmao, sorry. It's actually S to XXS, not M to XXS.

Chrissy Snow said...

^^^I hate to disappoint you but the website "crashing" and sizes appearing to be sold out are most likely TopShop marketing stunts. They create the illusion of a product that is in high demand in order to garner public interest. If this line were really a success, the inventory would have been replenished and sales stats would be sky high.

I just want to know who the Carters are blackmailing over at HBO. Her other HBO specials were colossal failures and she was actually relevant back then. I don't see this ending any differently.

Anonymous said...

Chrissy Snow

So let me make sense of your post. TopShop proceeded to cause stocking and connection issues on their own they could boost sales...?

However, these issues turned potential customers over to other retailers that had the clothing, like Nordstrom, since MULTIPLE people said their orders didn't go through on TopShop.

This in turn would CAUSE TopShop to lose money, having to pay Nordstrom for selling the clothing through their site and stores as well as Bey's cut, on TOP of losing numerous sales in the sizes that people are searching for.

So you're telling me, that this was a big marketing ploy that TopShop pulled off to gain money, but instead they LOSE money in the long run (thousands), damage their site's reputation, and cause their customers grief?

Did you even think before typing what you did? C'mon son.

Anonymous said...


Anything Bey involved is usually stunt related so I don't why you're surprised. Anything can sell out when there is limited product. I mean WHO is really checking for this shit?! The GP has been over Beyonce.

Anonymous said...


It's basic logic. No one will work so hard to sabotoge themselves to gain popularity but lose money! Boo that's hustling backwards.

Also, this ISN'T a limited product... There is no time frame on it. Ivy Park is a clothing line. It is here and is not going away after a few weeks. It is apart of TopShop indefinitely.

Y'all love to claim that the GP has been over Beyonce, but the truth of the matter is that they haven't. They seriously haven't.

From 2013 to now, Bey dropped ST, had a tour, performed in the SB, released a clothing line, a movie soon, a new tour soon, 45 worldwide covers on Elle, a new album soon and more.

IF they were over her, she would be getting the same sad press that the Kardashians are, because folks are over them, but she's not. People are INTERESTED in her; just because you aren't doesn't mean everyone isn't.

It's fine to not like her, that's fine! I'm a huge fan, and if you don't like/hate her then dammit that's how you feel, and my nigga you have my full respect, but don't say everyone is. C'mon.

Anonymous said...


my bad.

Anonymous said...

@ 6:37 pm i will never forgot watching family fued with the unfunny steve harvery and the question was what celebriteis are you sick of? survery says! beyonce was one of the answers. i couldn't stop laughing. i think overall most folks are over here. singers in general tend to have short shelf lifes. even the greats eventually fell to the sidelines. what keeps them and what has kept beyonce in the limelight is her die hard stans. i will give the stans credit y'all ride for beyonce even when she's making a fool out of herself lol. also beyonce self promotes like a mutha. she has the money and connections to do so. plus living in social media age it's also easier to keep one's self in the limelight. i think if she let things go naturally as they should she would have been kicked to the curb. and she probably knows this and that's why she tends to over saturate the market.

Anonymous said...


I'm appreciative that you aren't trying to rip me a new one for being a fan. Thanks for the pleasant conversation.

As far as Family Feud goes, I think their sample size is always 100 which is really small if we're gonna discuss the entire market of buyers, those overseas included.

I do agree that the social media age has made it easier for stars to keep on shining but Beyonce really doesn't over-saturate the market. Instead, you're constantly seeing gossip and news sites who always post on her.

You never really see any commercials by her, never hear her say anything, or hell, even release music. Since ST, she released maybe 3 songs? Runnin, Hymn for the Weekend, and Formation.

It's just that when she does something, it's broadcasted everywhere. Maybe that's why people like to say she's so promoted and everywhere; most sites are forever posting on her. Take for instance, RWS. I think Bey is on every page at least. No one else is except for Bow Wow's lil acting out ass, lol.

Also, you see a lot of other stars commenting on her, and the most RANDOM of folks? Kid Rock? Really cracka? Trying to insult a black woman in favor of a poorly aged white bish? SMH

I'm enjoying this debate sis!

Anonymous said...

When you're so desperate for the industry = Beyonce

Anonymous said...

Cant wait to see B go!!! AS in the hbo special honey!!!!

Ron said...

SMDH the hate is real.

Anonymous said...

I can’t stand when people use words out of context.

Saturated Market:

1. When the amount of product provided in a market has been maximized in the current state of the marketplace. At the point of saturation, further growth can only be achieved through product improvements, marketshare gains or a rise in overall consumer demand.

2. Point at which a market is no longer generating new demand for a firm's products, due to competition, decreased need, obsolescence, or some other factor.

3. Or when the market you want to enter is crowded with competitors.


Beyonce is over publicized (not over saturating the market) whether by her own PR team or by the media in general. People don't necessarily hate her they are just tired of looking at her.

She needs to sit her photo shopped thigh gaped ass down already and give somebody else some time to shine.

Anonymous said...

I yawned so hard I started snoring

Anonymous said...


I take it that was meant towards me. Beyonce (the brand) IS NOT over-saturating the music and entertainment industry (the market I was referring to).

Maybe if your hate blinded ass wouldn't have ran in here so fast and misunderstood what I typed, you wouldn't have made yourself look stupid trying to explain something.

Also the leisure althetics market is not either. Lululemon, fablethics. These are the current market share owners. Sports companies such as Nike and ADIDAS are in a market of their own (endorsements, wide selection, customization, suppliers).

Bey did it smart and coupled with TopShop, an already trusted brand, to make her own, Ivy Park. She was able to accumulate a portion of said market share. The other leisure brands have a niche, they know what they can sell and aren't in competition for a greater share, just to keep their own.

Don't talk down to a business major. I literally do this shit for a living.

Anonymous said...

^ suppliers, as in Nike and ADIDAS supplies clothing to large companies and businesses like the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, etc.

Anonymous said...

Oversaturated, over publicized, regardless of the context, can we get this bish to go ghost for a few years???

Anonymous said...

Bravo at @5:47!!!!

Anonymous said...

6:37 PM was meant for 6:07 PM

Anonymous said...

@4:14 Wasn't no damn body even talking to you if yo ass can read you would see that you were not the only person to say over saturated market it was also used in another article a week ago about yo fav.... But I guess a hit dog will holla!

No her BRAND is not over saturating the music industry because she isn't putting out any music to over saturate the industry. She however is competing in a market with younger more talented singers and dancers and all the material and propaganda she is throwing out there (including the kitchen sink) is not up to standards to keep her on top. Oh yeah, pun intended.


It's not about you Business Major so maybe you should get offline and back to your studies, don't you have finals coming up instead of trying to check somebody.

When educated people do stupid things like assume....

Chrissy Snow said...

When did Kid Rock put down an entire race of women? The only thing I gleaned from his comment was Beyonce isn't his type. I still can't believe her fans got all up in arms calling that man a racist just for having a preference.
Why are you all so pressed over Kid Rocks (of all people) feelings towards Beyonce anyway?

I swear Beyonce's fan base is a reflection of her own intellect and insecurity.

Anonymous said...

11:28 AM 12:18 PM

A hit dog huh? You're hollering all up and down your redundant ass post.

I'm not even going to go through all of that mess, just the main points. All you did is assume left and right, but you're not too smart anyway so I won't go into that.

First off, I graduated.

Secondly, "younger more talented singers and dancers"

Who? White performers such as Katy Perry? Taylor Swift? Rihanna? People always reference age, but really; no one current is talented as Beyonce.

"material and propaganda she is throwing out there" Propanganda? Is she building an empire to take over something? Wow.

12:18 PM

"People are like, 'Beyoncé's hot. Got a nice f**king ass.' I'm like, 'Cool, I like skinny white chicks with big tits.' Doesn't really f**ing do much for me."

Kid Rock is the type of white man who thinks he can reduce a woman's hard work down to her ass and build.

Does the media not label us as Jezebels and bed wenches enough?! You really going to sit up here and act like his little jab wasn't directed towards black women when he on the same breath said he liked white chicks?

Fuck him, and fuck anyone who can't see past that shit. IT ISN'T EVEN ABOUT BEYONCE when it comes to that snide ass remark he made. If he said something about Rihanna, or JHud, or Alicia Keys, I would be still ripping him a new one!

Fucking Beyonce haters are blind to everything when she's in the picture. Stop foaming at the mouth and put down the Beyonce voodoo dolls.

Anonymous said...


Adele, Taylor Swift and Rihanna are all younger and arguably more successful than Beyonce right now. Adele is arguably more talented. I bet if you polled the GP right now they would probably agree. Bey is the best performer yes, but not necessarily the most talented. As far as the "jezebel" bullshit, wasn't Beyonce shaking her ass in a thong on the grammy stage a couple years ago? Wasnt she half nekkid in a onsie onstage in front of her DAUGHTER at the VMAs that one year? Wear the uniform, don't be mad when you get the label.

Anonymous said...

"When did Kid Rock put down an entire race of women?"

He didn't, and it is overly sensitive, overly emotional, hypocritical, intra-racist liberals/feminists/social just warriors like @3:21PM that has a problem with it. I'm sure if it was a black dude hyping up the "African Queens" while referring to white women as "cave bitches" this moron above would have no issue with it.

Anonymous said...


Rihanna has the number one song in the country right now. Bey hasnt had a number one song since 2008 (Single Ladies). Adele's last album sold 19 million copies worldwide while Taylor Swift's album sold 9.5 million copies. Beyonce's last album sold 4 million copies. She can't call herself "queen" anymore and that's why we get press releases every day on this site to promote her and her brand.

Anonymous said...

3:49 PM
What I don't understand is how you're always saying the general public when you're stating how tired they are of here, but then turn and reference all of these rabid fans when that's the only people who buy anything of hers.

Adele and Taylor aren't even comparable to Beyonce because they are in completely different genres of music. Good for them selling like hot cakes, but how does pop-country and soul compare to R&B and their respective fans? It doesn't.

Beyonce always wears leotards, constanly, in EVERY performance. Does she pose naked? Does she hump men on stage? Dos she do nude photoshoots.

No. All you ever see is her thighs and a cheek. That's it. You're acting like she has her titties bouncing up to her neck and is showing her puss with a damn g string on. Funny since that's all Rihanna does, but I BETCHA you don't comment on that.

3:54 PM
Don't do that shit. I can't stand the hotep types that constantly come for white people too. Wrong is wrong whether Beyonce's name is tagged to is or not and you're just going to have to deal. I love how you slunk down to name calling though.

3:55 PM
People always talk about how Rihanna has the number one (good for her) and Bey hasn't had one since 2008. How does she sell out stadiums constantly with old music and Rihanna can't get an arena full?

Beyonce's sales are always noted as low because her ass never updates her certification sales. The last time Beyonce was updated was in Nov 2014, while everyone else's is constantly updated.

"press releases every day on this site to promote her and her brand" Because Beyonce comes on this site to pay ThatBitch to post about her to people who hate her. -gif of Wocka Flocka saying, "Ok" here-

Anonymous said...

Why do people who DISLIKE her, are SICK and TIRED of seeing her, and think she's CONSTANTLY posted about in the news and gossip sites REPLY to posts that they know are specifically about her?

I don't care for anything Kardashian/Kanye/Jenner related. Do you know what I do? I SCROLL PAST. I don't go up in there writing a dissertation on my extreme dislike for them; I don't even read the post.

Why? Because I do not care enough to give them my time of the day.

Don't complain about being sick of her when ALL YOU DO is read and post about her in everything posted.

If you dislike her so much and are hoping she disappears, STOP COMMENTING on this and future Bey posts.

The owner of the site, ThatBitch, will take a hint, and stop posting so much about her when the comment count on Beyonce posts drop. It. Is. Simple. Logic.

Anonymous said...


The "rabid fans" i'm speaking of is the Beyhive. That doesn't reflect the GP. Beyonce is the most POPULAR chick on the internet besides Kim Kardashian. The fact that she cant sell even half of the records that Adele or Taylor do in the REAL WORLD speaks to her TRUE relevance in the music industry. Her PR team sends out these stories to blogs to post on. Snitch don't pull these stories from nowhere. She gets PAID by PR folk to post these stories. And make no mistake, me writing these comments doesn't mean I care about the topic, it just means i'm bored and feel like arguing on the internet. And Rihanna don't have any kids so she can pose naked all she want. If I was a mother you wouldn't see me shaking my ass in a thong on stage but that's just me.

Anonymous said...

You graduated? Well congats!!!! So what are you doing with that degree besides stanning and foaming at the mouth for your Bey at 4 o’clock in the morning but I’m stupid, mmmm kay…. I also noticed how you skipped over the part about new music (ssssslither) and her not having any lol.

Let’s deal with the parts that you did reply to shall we.

Secondly, “younger more talented singers and dancers” I see someone already got you together regarding that, aaahem….

Material, as in Formation and Hymn for the weekend

Propaganda as in,

1. 1.
information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.

Let’s use this quote as an example, "I might just be a black Bill Gates in the making."

Bill Gates is worth $75 billion. Ummm….Well, good luck with that. I won’t even go into what how she offended Indian culture with that Hymn fiasco.

And may I reiterate that I DO NOT hate Beyonce nor you for that matter because neither of you are worth hating. So carry on with whatever highly educated point you were trying to make on a gossip site.

Anonymous said...

8:09 PM

Sit your obsessed ass down. I don't give a damn what you typed because I did not read it.

You're trying to prove a moot point to me. Shush bitch. See 4:44 PM. On a gossip site bitching at someone you hate/don't know or care for bringing definitions from Google.

Anonymous said...

LMAO! You know you read all of it, you've been waiting on my response all day.

When cretins Snap Crackle and POP!

Anonymous said...

"Don't do that shit. I can't stand the hotep types that constantly come for white people too."

Stop lying. You are one of those goofy ass black liberals who still think you're 'oppressed' and give the stink face when whites try to use slang and/or ask to touch your hair.

Anonymous said...

I just have one question. Why every time Beyonce comes out with anything it has to be so dramatic? Sade, who has been in the business a llllllllloooooooooonnnnnnnnnng time, comes out with music, no drama, sells her music and then leaves the public eye for another 8 years and still she is going strong. However, we have this chic always coming out and some of year swear she is the bomb! whatever. its all smokes and mirrors. RiRi comes out with her music and Formation is Dead in the water. So at this age, this fool is still dressing up like this and braiding her hair?? NO creativity what so ever!!!!!

Anonymous said...

8:51 PM

Snap crackle and pop? Shut that lame shit up! You act like I really did read your reply. I didn't because I don't care what you think or anyone who is getting off on dragging Beyonce on RWS of ALL places. Girl, we're Anonymous; you don't know me from a wrought stranger on the street.

9:00 PM

Shut up. You keep on calling me liberal. Bitch you sound like one of those special snowflake negroes who's a conservative or white.

That's LITERALLY the ONLY people I hear call others liberals like it's the worst insult to exist.

Do you let your white friends call you nigga and never check them but hop on your one black friend for saying their thoughts on racism?

"intra-racist liberals/feminists/social just warriors like @3:21PM that has a problem with it. I'm sure if it was a black dude hyping up the "African Queens" while referring to white women as "cave bitches" this moron above would have no issue with it."

Your posts REEK of white superiority. liberals/feminists/social just warriors? I bet you hate Tumblr. Take your ass back to StormFont and keep on wishing they'd let you join the club, house negro.

I bet you scream ALL LIVES MATTER when someone says Black Lives Matter, and think Trump isn't racist. Are you Patrick D. Hampton?

Anonymous said...

Wow I havent been on here in a while. I see the same crazies are on here.

Anyway Beyonce is about to slay you hoes with creativity so please prepare those weaves.

Honey Bun said...


Anonymous said...

Snap Crackle and POP goes the cretin....Again....Trying to beat up the internet....AGAIN. Why you mad tho Killa?

Calm tha hell down before you hurt yourself. I bet your blood pressure is like 190/80 and for what????

Cuz your Bey is getting dragged all OVA the internet! Haaaaaaaaa Haaaaaa haaaa! If what people said on here made you made don't go on Dlisted because you might have a heart attack. Anyways Idol worshiping is bad for your health. Di-int cho momma tell you that?!?!

When ain't no body checking for you or your boo....


Anonymous said...

1:34 needs to go outside. taking the internet way too seriously

Anonymous said...

Said someone at 3:05 in the morning.

Anonymous said...

I work at night. 9:14 RWS is open 24/7

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