Friday, April 15, 2016

Camille Cosby Claims Court Victory

Last month Dr. Camille Cosby's legal team filed a motion seeking to limit the types of questions she could be asked during her deposition in the defamation of character lawsuit filed against her husband, comedian Bill Cosby [click here if you missed that].

The judge has ruled in Dr. Cosby's favor...

In the ruling lawyers for the seven women suing Bill Cosby for defamation of character are prohibited from asking Camille Cosby "improper questions," including those involving protected communications between husband and wife.

Dr. Cosby refused to answer nearly a dozen questions in the first half of her deposition claiming they were "designed to annoy, embarrass, and oppress her."

The women are suing Bill Cosby for defamation after he claimed they lied about being sexually abused by him.

Camille Cosby's deposition is set to resume April 19th.


Anonymous said...

Bring on the deposition.

The King Of The Real said...

she did nothing so why bring her into it

KayLaLa La said...

What happened to her beautiful gray crown? 😞

prissa o said...

Damn, she looks horrible.
I wonder was it all worth it???

Anonymous said...

She shaves her hair down like this a couple times a year for years. She actually really looks very good. I am saddened to see her suffer when she is not the rapist. I really hurt for her.

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