Saturday, April 16, 2016

Coachella Cuts A$AP Rocky and Kanye West

Last night A$AP Rocky brought out Kanye West for his set at the Coachella music fest but organizers cut their mics after they tried to go over their set time...

According to multiple reports A$AP Rocky showed up 15 minutes late and muddled through an awkward set before bringing Kanye West on the stage as an unannounced guest to perform "Father Stretch My Hands."

Too bad nobody heard the performance because Coachella organizers pulled the plug before Yeezy even started rapping.

Incredibly fans close to the stage say Yeezy finished the entire song not realizing his mic was off.


Anonymous said...

Misleading headline if I ever saw one.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is bored to tears with Kanye's hijinks

Anonymous said...

coachella cuts who and who?

prissa o said...

When a clown gets clowned!

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