Monday, April 04, 2016

Did TIDAL Lie About The Life of Pablo Streaming Numbers?

Last week Jay Z and TIDAL celebrated their one year anniversary boasting 3 million paying subscribers and that Kanye West's new album The Life of Pablo had racked up a mind blowing 250 million streams in just six weeks [click here if you missed that].

Did TIDAL greatly exaggerate the number of times TLOP has been streamed...?

Hits Daily Double seems to think so.
“We took off our shoes and socks so we could count on both fingers and toes and our rough calculation is that 3m goes into 250m about 80 times. Which means that every single one of Tidal’s paid subscribers have played Pablo in its entirety eight times a day every day for 10 days."


Anonymous said...

But if you stretch that 10 days to six weeks like the article says, six weeks is 42 days (80/42) and it turns out to be about twice a day...and that's considering every subscriber listened to it. Still, it's possible. I just don't get why it seems like everybody wants so bad for Tidal to be unsuccessful.

Anonymous said...

This lawsuit confused me. I'm thinking why would they lie about the numbers ? To make Tidal and its artist look good of course, but what is the law suit about ?

O, o, if these artist are doing all these millions of streams they probably expect more money. So on one hand, they overhyped their artist as far as sales and streams go, but it backfired in regard to paying its artist. Now the numbers were inflated ?

Anonymous said...

Is water wet?

Anonymous said...

I just don't get why it seems like everybody wants so bad for Tidal to be unsuccessful.
9:22 AM

Did you see the press conference?.....

Shoe Lover Too! said...

All of this business is SMOKE AND MIRRORS.
if paid attention to anything ever.
Listen to what 50 cent said..IT's ALL FOR SHOW,
kanye did not get all the strems he said he did.
Just the same reason why JAY Z, is suing the original Tidal owners for fraud, for inflating the numbers!
Kanye's album is. Flop.
50% of the people pirated it.
The reat did not play this HOT MESS 8x per day.
Only 1-2 songs were worth listening too!

Kanye is a has been. But all the DRAMA around him is keeping his name out front.
If your woman has the ability to cut the check for your $80 million deficit, why are you begging on the internet?

prissa o said...

Nothing is true nowadays. Ppl need to question everything and live life with a skeptics eye. I don't believe the 500K of illegal downloads they claimed for TLOP either.

NOTHING is real people!!! It's all designed to keep you entranced & enthralled and shelling out your few little dollars to keep the 1% where they are.

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