Thursday, April 14, 2016

Lamar Odom Opens Up About Divorce Rumors

Lamar Odom opens up about the status of his relationship with Khloe Kardashian in his first interview since being released from the hospital...

Lamar Odom tells ETs, Kevin Fraiser,
“[Khloe and I] did talk, you know, everything is (up for) discussion.We talk about anything. We’ve been through a lot. It won’t ever stop.”
“It gets tough, especially if so much gets speculated. Only a few people know the truth, and I just keep that close to my heart.”

Lamar also contributed to taped a message for Kobe Bryant's last basketball game before retirement.


Reds4real2006 said...

I saw the interview and he look great
I am shocked he was so coherent
In any case, Kobes farewell was WILD
Even though i don't like Kobe

Last thing, Kobe is not TOP 5 in the NBA

Anonymous said...

And there you have it folks....

Anonymous said...

what about your damn kids, you coon? you haven't seen them since yo ass was vomiting rocks and prostitute fluids.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why he's doing all this public chit instead of quietly getting his chit in order and spending some real quality time camera free with his kids... nice he took them to the game on Kobe's dollar but damn dude you should have been seen those children instead you bar hopping and going to church with whores....

D L said...

Please tell me that gray hoodie is new.

Anonymous said...

Please tell me how y'all know he hasn't seen his kids? Is it because it was posted online? If so, y'all need to turn your tablets, phones, etc off and look around. People DO live life offline.

Anonymous said...

His kids were sitting right next to him watching the game..Kibe made that happen...and oh! He brought along his brother in law Yè who was watching his brotha Jay court side

Anonymous said...

yeah I don't know what they did to this nigga, but they did something to him, because his whole body language is totally off, especially if one compares this video to the TMZ video where he was complaining about the industry, there is something really sinister going on with him, and I can tell from his eyes (and the way he's speaking), that he is under some MAJOR BONDAGE behind closed doors

him and that other fool called koonye have dug a deep dark pit full of wickedness and spritual evil for themselves

Anonymous said...

I agree with u @6:14pm
The last paragraph of his statement
about" few people knows the truth and he keep that near his heart"
smh, so much different then how he felt b4 in that tmz interview
Plus The Kardashians be dressing nice most of the time
Why he got to keep wearing the grey hoodie?

(Just like Kanye was wearing the same black
leather pants)

Just kidding about the hoodie
But i will never trust the Kardashians
They are too greedy

prissa o said...

Damn! You went IN @1:22

Anonymous said...

It's plain to see Lamar is a clone. His time away, honey they was rewiring this dudes brain...MK Ultra for real. This is why he's talking weird. There is a mighty price to pay when you deal with witches.

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