Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Leolah Brown Blasts Nick Gordon and Pat Houston

Last year Nick Gordon's mother told Dr. Phil that her son gave Whitney Houston mouth-to-mouth resuscitation in the minutes after she was found unresponsive in the Beverly Hills Hotel [click here if you missed that].

Bobby Brown's sister Leolah casts doubt on Nick's claims and adds a sinister Pat Houston twist....


Malika JustMalika said...

At this point, I wish Pat, Leoloa and Nick would ALL drown in a bathtub. I don't believe God makes mistakes, but in this case, the wrong folks were taken.

Malika JustMalika said...

p.s. Ain't nobody reading all that. Its the same sh*t she's been saying.

Anonymous said...

She might be crazy but she makes good points.

Anonymous said...

God pleas let her book have a good editor and its been 4 years of this woman she have not said anything that cant be very obvious. WH and BKB were both helpless fiends. Loved her music but this was all WH's fault trying to serve two masters. Pat ain't sh&t but once again who put her in that position. Nick ain't sh&t but who put brought him in? IF Leolah wasn't talking about them what would Leolah be talking about? Where is a tub of water when you need one.

Anonymous said...

i ain't ever seen someone who always says so much without saying a damn thing at all.

Shoe Lover Too! said...

Nobody is buying her book.
We loved Whitney and she is gone.
we loved BobbyKristina and she is gone.

Frankly, its at the point where...I am sick of Leola Brown and her Anger..and her soon to be published book.
She missed her window of opportunity.

Anonymous said...

NICK was present when two women drowned in a bathtub and he said he tried to revive them both.. .

what are the chances that you were there for a mother and daughter dying due to drowning?

come on Nick,something in the buttermilk ain't clean.

As for Leolah, keep telling your truths. Folk NEVER want to hear the truth because the lie is just more comfortable. I believe you. Money changes things and people.

Bobbi Kristina never liked Pat, either! wonder why!!?!?!

Anonymous said...

Tell it LeeLee!

Anonymous said...

I thought Pat said that she was down the hall walking towards Whitneys room when Whitney WAS ALREADY DEAD
We all know this was a sacrifice
#RIP Whitney and Bobbi K
Gone but never forgotten

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about Clive and Ray J's part in this hit. Brandy knew too

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