Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Last night on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta...

Tammy Rivera flies to Waka Flocka’s side after getting into a physical confrontation with D. Smith’s friend Betty Idol.

Stevie J returns to Atlanta just in time to offer advice to Scrapp Deleon about his women issues.

Bambi demands Lil Scrappy stop working with Betty Idol after she finds out Betty got into it with Tammy Rivera.

MiMi tells Stevie J she is dating a woman and things take a disastrous turn after Scrapp Deleon has a sit down with his baby mama Tiarra and his girlfriend Tommie.


Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

Betty Idol looks like Count Chocula. Bitch swears she's all that but nawww ....she looks like a tranny.

GiGi said...

These mutherfuckers

Anonymous said...

betty idol is so annoying where did she come from and why is she on there?

D. Davis said...

@12:12. LOL

Anonymous said...

12:12 - She probably is a tranny. That's how they get down in hollyweird. Smh

Tiffanyinthecity said...

This shit is boring! The only highlight of the show was Tommie's coochie dress. I need to get my life together so I can wear shit like this summer! He straight up told her that he doesn't love her so I wonder how she'll stick on the show after he goes to jail.

What's with that D. Smith character!? His attitude is HORRIBLE! Just a bitch for no reason. I don't see the relevance of him or that Betty Idol bitch - who I also think might be a damn man.

Anybody else annoyed by Mimi's self proclaimed "boy"friend? She gonna say Mimi's not a lesbian because I see myself as a boy. Tha fuck? Do you have a penis though!?! Gender is more than a feeling or a fucking outfit!

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