Thursday, April 21, 2016

Michael Strahan Facing Friction at New Gig?

Earlier this week daytime talk show host Kelly Ripa made a scene and pulled a no-show after it was announced that her co-host Michael Strahan was leaving Live with Kelly and Michael for a full time gig on Good Morning America [click here if you missed that].

Is Michael facing a cold shoulder at GMA as well..?

Sources tell The Daily Mail Good Morning America's celebrity news corespondent Lara Spencer is not pleased about Michael Strahan's promotion and is feeling insecure about where all this leaves her.

Daily Mail points out that when the announcement was made on GMA Robin Roberts, George Stephanopoulos and Ginger Zee all warmly welcomed Micheal while Lara just sat there quietly golf clapping.

Lara also did not congratulate Michael on social media like the rest of the GMA crew.


Sunni Daze said...

Let me grab this glass to collect her tears....lls

Anonymous said...

His lips always look soooooooo dry!

Anonymous said...

Bitches just can't take it.

Hello, It's Me . . . said...

Didn't you know, Michael? Did you think you'd just waltz on in there?

New level. New devil.

Anonymous said...

GMA is notorious for teaming up on people. The white girl with the bob is shunned by Lara. They have no love for each other. Michael should already know their ways. Suck it up & cash those checks Michael

Anonymous said...

it leaves here were she always was - the unattractive, marginally fat, and uninteresting white woman on the show. the only thing that will change is that now we will regard her as the salty, unattractive, marginally fat and uninteresting white woman on the show. Don't worry Laura; you're place is still secure.

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