Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Paisley Park to Be Turned into a Museum

Rock icon Prince's Paisley Park studios to be turned into a museum open to fans...

Prince's brother-in-law Maurice Phillips tells The Sun
“We will turn Paisley Park into a museum in Prince’s memory. It would be for the fans. He was all about the fans — this would remember his music, which is his legacy.”


gettingbacktomydivadom said...

Well, we'll see how this plays out. Without professionals running his estate like Michael Jackson who knows what's going to become of Prince's legacy. I've never visited Elvis' home in Memphis despite being there several times. I just don't like those type of memorials. I hope a professional trustee comes in and helps guide his family.

Anonymous said...

I think this a great idea. If they do it right..

redvelvet74 said...

His sister Tyka has a sad history of drug abuse and prostitution. I believe the brother who commented is her husband. They will need someone (with the best intentions) to help them. Otherwise, Prince's fortune will fall into the hands of drug dealers, Warner Bros (who will offer them big money, but no where near what they will make) for his masters legal-, corporate-, and local thugs.

I do hope that Prince had a will and that it's just taking time to find it. He fought so hard to protect his music and image. As a fan, I do hope that his legacy will be protected as well.

Anonymous said...

This sounds nice.

Long Time Lurker said...

Behind the scenes things are beginning to ramp up regarding the Legal Handling of Princes Estate, Specifically his Hidden Unreleased Recordings, and Recently Signed Contracts. There is NO Will. As I stated right after his death I did not believe he had a Will, Prince did NOT acknowledge Death. No need for Will.

What is NOT being reported yet in the Media is Although Prince did make a deal to gain the rights to his Masters, it had Specific Provisions in order for him to receive those rights. In other words he Owed Warner Bros Money and those Provisions must be met in order for Prince to Hold Ownership.

Some of those Provisions were New Albums, Concerts and Profit sharing in future Intellutual Property Partnerships. Now that he has' Passed 'a legal Nightmare is Unraveling and Warner Brothers is already moving legally to protect their rights. As well Princes has left NO one Access to his Unreleased Music. His sister has requested the right to be the Estate Executor.Behind the scenes many believe she is not Competent because of her history. In addition one of Michael Jackson Estate Attorneys has been sniffing around, he is either on someones payroll or attempting to be. I would guess he has already been hired as a consultant by those with the deepest pockets and the most to gain

Prince had two Inner Circles. One which consisted of those that you see currently representing the face of Prince in Media. Yet another Hidden Layer existed, which represented his faith, the Elders of the Jehova Witness Church of which he was a very active member and was 15 Mins from his home. There was an Internal Battle over influence in every aspect of his image, health and wealth . The question remains Which Internal Group had the most Influence over Princes life and Ultimately his legacy after his death.

- Lurker

Anonymous said...

Lurker often speaks the truth. Right on.

I do hope paisley park is in one form or more something for fans and music lovers and remains so.

prissa o said...

GOT DAMN they gonna work his death for every red cent they can wring out of it! Damn shame.

And why didn't they turn MJ Neverland Ranch into a museum too? Because he had an iron clad will not to, perhaps.

Something ain't right.

Anonymous said...

^ Probably cause neverland was a crime scene?

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