Saturday, April 16, 2016

Prince Tweets Fans After Medical Emergency

Prince Tweets fans after being rushed to the hospital...

According to reports Prince was hospitalized in Illinois on Friday after his private jet made an emergency landing just hours after taking off from Atlanta.

Prince had just performed two shows in Atlanta on Thursday that had been postponed earlier in the week after the rocker came down with the flu.

Then, just hours ago, Prince Tweeted fans hinting that something big was going down tonight at his famed Paisley Park studios in Minneapolis.


Anonymous said...

It's ok take a time out and rest deserve it ,stop pushing yourself so hard to stay on top

Anonymous said...

Prince you are 57 man and you look dam good for that age, but it's time to calm down some your headed towards 60 and you can't really do what you use to anymore, but you don't look that old you look good you look like you did when you first came out, but the years and all the things we do to our bodies takes a toll on us and i hope this warns you to take it easy and relax we still loving your music just take it easy for a while good luck and get better and relax with your hyper self calm down

Anonymous said...

this edomite..

looking like a flaming faggot

Anonymous said...

I call STUNT. Prince has an album dropping this month. That's why he's been on social media so much lately. I've never been a big Prince fan and his latest stuff is unlistenable.

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