Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Taye Diggs Hosting New Game Show on Fox

Actor Taye Diggs tapped to host a new game show on Fox called, 'You're Back in the Room...'

According to Variety Taye Diggs is set to host the new game show 'You're Back in the Room' where teams of contestants complete everyday tasks while hypnotized.

The show is based on a UK series of the same name.

'You're Back in the Room' is set to air on Fox  in July.


Anonymous said...

I guess he's trying to get his groove back.

Anonymous said...

Damn Taye's career has bottomed out lol

Anonymous said...

How do you come to that conclusion? He is the main Star of a crime drama on TnT and now he is going to host a tv game show on Fox.
If that is bottoming out, please tell us about your career. I mean you better be like an academy award winner, the Prez, or like a supreme court justice to be able to say that his career is wak.....
Hater gonna hate, even when they know nothing.

Anonymous said...


Girl I can be a damn janitor any buffoon can host a game show lol I'm sure if you asked Taye he would rather be opening films then hosting lame game shows for coin FOH

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