Saturday, April 23, 2016

Young Thug Threatens Charlamagne Over Birdman

Yesterday Cash Money Records CEO Bryan 'Birdman' Williams stormed out of a Breakfast Club interview after feeling disrespected by Charlamagne tha God [click here if you missed that].

Rapper Young Thug is NOT here for it...


Anonymous said...

go beat up the WHITE MAN you BUM ASS NIGGA!!

all yall rappers gonna see Death by the hand of God, because yall are wicked as hell....that includes your boss T.I. as well

Anonymous said...

a coon as joker such as this abomination above will never go attack the real enemy that systematically and diabolically with all subtleness OPPRESSES your own black people everyday and all day...

I can't stand yall black devils, especially yall useless piece of shit rappers

Anonymous said...

they NEVER threaten anybody but THEIR OWN, because they FEAR WHITE PPL!!!
IGNORANT self-hating COON!! do us all a favor: BEAT THE FUCK outta YOURSELF -- then KILL YOURSELF!!!

Pebbles said...

A lot of truth in all your comments above. 🤓

Anonymous said...

Please go to prison already! First off, this negro is ugly as phuck and second, what is his talent? At this point, I think the only talent he has is sucking Birdbrain's groin area. Sit down, shut up, and try to make some good music.

DMV145 said...

What did he say? 😒😒😒

Anonymous said...

OT: Gucci Maine put Charlmagne in check when he was interviewed on The Breakfast Club
He had the whole Breakfast club staff shook
Charlamagne was like "Some people u just dont play with, and Gucci Maine is 1 of them", referring to Gucci Maine
And then Charmalagne kept repeating "I respect this man here", referring to Gucci Maine
Even Angela Lee told Gucci Maine she was afraid of him on air
That was a funny interview, google it on youtube
Charlamagne know very well who to talk shyt to

Anonymous said...


And? What does that have to do with Birdman bitch ass?

Anonymous said...

OFF TOPIC!!!!!!!!!
Did u see me put that "OT" b4 the comment @1:25pm?
I still dont like muthafucking Charlamagne bitch ass
So thats what it got to do with Birdman
Im not the majority of ass kissers of Charlagmagne and I think they are BOTH bitchass niggas
Charlamagne punk ass leading the phucking bunch
He didnt pop NO TYPE OF SHYT to Gucci Maine
So he need to stop trying to act like he keeps it *real" and that he is real "gangsta" with it
Charalamagne is not a hero to me and
I will never 4get how bitchass Charlmagne was stepping to Lil Mama
With his punk ass
Im so mad Baby didnt handled that shyt right

Anonymous said...

Awww YT playing his position as boyfriend so well. Why ain't they saying nothing to Trick Daddy? He the one said Birdman was a girlfriend. Bottom line, ain't none of them gonna do shit. CTG can sleep easy. This fukk boy pants too tight to put in work in a real fight.

Shoe Lover Too! said...

White folks trying to kills us every chance they get, with no regard for our lives!
Notice he is not threating Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hanity, Trump, or people who do offensive treacheous hateful things to the Race. not even making threats to David Duke.
And his KKK loving ass.

But his little mentality is to make a video threatening another blackman.


Anonymous said...

I just watched the Birdman "I fuck with boys too" video. I saw that people were asking why his voice was trembling, had he just finish crying. That was nervousness and fear. He never does shit like that and that is why his body language and emotions took over him and why he has 18 pretending to be hard ass bitch niggas with him that said nothing until they were back in the elevator. He pays people to do that but must have did an 8 ball and told the driver to stop. We don't believe him and he needs more people. BUT Marmalade the queen needs to know when to just let an asshole make an asshole of himself. If they had all stayed totally silent it would have made this moment perfect with a grown man ranting about his name with no other reason for acting like his uterus was shrinking back to size after childbirth. It was uncomfortable to watch as dudes was standing behind Angela's hoe ass too as he kept making eye contact and saying Aw Ya. The white people in the crew were laughing because they are very aware of niggas gonna nigg. Envy and Angela were mute because they have a little common sense and ALOT of fear. Marmalade has something that I understand but sometimes it is not worth it to put someone on front street. I don't fuck with him even though he tried to change his ways a little, first impression is a lasting one. But he needs to be careful. The worst thing you can do is piss off a low key,gay child molester who thinks he is doing big things in these streets. He went Jessie Owens the last time he was seen I don't think that situation will repeat itself with queenman.

prissa o said...

He actually looks like a normal human being here. That's an accomplishment.

As for the ratchetness being said - no comment.

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