Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Ciara and Future Have Their Day in Court

Earlier this year pop star Ciara filed a $15 million defamation of character lawsuit against her baby daddy, rapper Future, accusing him of damaging her reputation by publicly speaking about their child custody issues on social media [click here if you missed that].

Yesterday CiCi and Future faced off in court...

As reported last week Future was scheduled to be deposed under oath yesterday concerning his defamatory Tweets, child support obligations and the status of his relationship with Ciara. Future has filed a counter suit asking Ciara's complaint be thrown out.

After yesterdays hearing Ciara Tweeted implying things had gone her way. 


Girl BYE said...

Where was God in the equation when she was laid up taking dick and not married. People are so funny thinking God is a good luck genie that deals in their mess and confusion.

Anonymous said...

I heard he took all those old tweets down. Ciara wasn't playing no games!

TOO REAL said...

8:04 - We are all human and not perfect but God is a forgiving God.

Anonymous said...


"People are so funny thinking God is a good luck genie that deals in their mess and confusion."
That's part of his demeanor, dealing in mess and confusion. HE IS a FIXER!!!

Kitty B. said...

@8:04 okay!!!

And I see not one lie spoken from this man. Before future she was running behind Kim K. and Lala trying to be relevant, okay yea she had a few modeling jobs, but that music career was non existent until Future! He gave her a hit song , started dating her and made her relevant! Now all she's good for and pushing Russell down our throats forcing us to believe they're real.
Ciara is bitter as hell, Future been in the game 5 years and his net worth is just about the same as her, I'd be salty too, FOH

Anonymous said...

Future's only relevant cause he fuckin LA Reid. Ciara aint thinking about this dude.

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