Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Columbus Short Headed to Rehab

Last month actor Columbus Short failed a court ordered drug test, testing positive for cocaine and marijuana [click here if you missed that].

Columbus is headed to rehab...

According to The Jasmine Brand Columbus Short will be checking into an outpatient rehab facility in Los Angeles for the next 4 to 6 months.

Columbus will report a few times a week and be subject to random drug testing.

Columbus is currently facing jail time for violating the conditions of his probation on battery charges by testing positive for drugs.


erijoey3 said...

hope he gets the help he needs, but he should check himself in totally and not on an out patient basis, that never works.

Anonymous said...

in his on words..."INDEED"

Anonymous said...

Anyone else in the REAL world would be doing at 6 to 12 month stretch for those violations.

Rehab is code word for Reboot/Reprogram/Re-sync so he can remain profitable to his handlers. Ooops did I say that?

Anonymous said...

Boy you dumb as hell. He fucked up making $64K per Scandal episode and cant keep it together. I know money could be the cause of him not keeping it together. I'd rather have a check coming in than not.

Anonymous said...

Get better Homey and come back strong with your great acting talents.

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