Thursday, May 05, 2016

Estate of Bobbi Kristina Brown Takes Aim at Nick Gordon

Last week Bobbi Kristina Brown's former companion Nick Gordon appeared on the Dr. Phil Show for his first interview since Bobbi Kristina's tragic death [click here if you missed that].

Now the Estate of Bobbi Kristina Brown is trying to use that interview to force Nick to sit for a deposition...

According to The Jasmine Brand Nick Gordon has been steadfastly refusing to answer questions under oat about the night Bobbi Kristina died on the grounds that the answers may 'incriminate' him.

This week the Estate of Bobbi Kristina Brown filed court docs asking a judge to force Nick to answer their questions after her freely discussed the incident on Dr. Phil.

The docs state,
Mr. Gordon must be held to account in a court of law, not comfortably in front of a television camera spinning a web of lies.
The Estate of Bobbi Kristina Brown is suing Nick Gordon for $40 million in a wrongful death civil lawsuit holding him responsible for Bobbi Kristina's death [click here if you missed that].


Anonymous said...

Are the suing Clive, Ray J, Pat & Raffles as well?

Your Highness said...

That boy did not kill her! She killed herself, same as her mother.
I feel sad that he is being blamed for such a heinous act.

Anonymous said...

This young man did not KILL her, hell she was dead a long time ago when Whitney and Bobby were acting damn fool around her drinking and doing drugs. This family is looking for someone to blame, hell look in the mirror. If they truly care they could have done and intervention and took her ass to rehab!!!! The issue was too far gone, and when they did that reality show that didn't last but a minute, you could tell that BK was very needy. Rest in peace, momma and daughter

fe said...

AND Bobby Brown shouldnt be co-singing this he knows better than anyone how it feels to blamed for the actions of other . They did the same to him He was the problem When you are not the reason other people do things .

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