Thursday, May 12, 2016

Karrine Steffans Brands Columbus Short a Bigamist

Earlier this year former video vixen Karrine Steffans claimed she married actor Columbus Short after a whirlwind romance [click here if you missed that].

Now that their relationship has crashed and burned Columbus' admits he's still married to his first wife Tanee...

In a press release issued this week Columbus' Short's attorney states,
My client, Columbus Keith Short, is involved in a marital dissolution proceeding with his wife, Tuere Tanee Short, in Los Angeles Superior Court, Case No. BD 600042.
Mr. Short’s Request for Order to Terminate Marital Status is currently set for hearing on July 29, 2016 at 8:30 a.m. in Department 60 before the Honorable Shelley Kaufman, Judge Presiding. Pending said hearing,
Mr. Short remains married to Tuere Tanee Short. Accordingly, any claim by Karin Stephans McCrary that she is legally married to Mr. Short is unfounded and invalid.
Meanwhile Karrine stands by their marriage branding Columbus a bigamist.


Anonymous said...

So her name is Karin not Karrine? Anybody can legally change their name, doesn't meant you're married.

Anonymous said...

NO ONE wants a whore for a wife but many men will tell you what you want to hear when they need a place to live and a good blow job. I guess it's back to slangin ebooks and worn out ass for superhead

Anonymous said...

This girl been ran thru more than the Underground Railroad, nobody cares!!!!GyrlBye

choklatepudding said...

Something is wrong with this woman. she needs professional help and possible medication. They can't let her go on like this

Anonymous said...

Both of these people are liars so i'm not sure who to believe.

Anonymous said...

so she ignores the court huh?? I am blaming him for this mess. why fuk with this crazed dyck diver i nthe first place.

she is not legally married to his ass if EVER.
she is certifiable.

Reds4real2006 said...


says....They can't let her go on like this

He sounds so

Anonymous said...

Oh good I was just wondering what the heck is up with Superhead Short and her so called marriage. Now I can rest easy knowing that she thinks that someone other than herself cares that she was married to a man named after a notorious racist murderer and rapist.
*sigh* I shall sleep well tonight.

The King Of The Real said...

Wow she out there

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