Tuesday, May 24, 2016

MTV Apologizes to Ciara

Somebodies getting fired!

MTV apologizes to Ciara for tasteless Rihanna beef jokes during the Billboard Music Awards...

On Sunday night fans were shocked after MTV's official Twitter page Tweeted shade about Ciara and Rihanna's long dead beef while Cici was hosting the Billboard Music Awards [click here if you missed that]

Last night MTV apologized to Ciara and implied their social media content manager had been fired.


Anonymous said...

I like this Ciara better - Black girl power

Anonymous said...

Kill em with sticking together!!

Black women TAKES NOTES....when the PTB try to pit you against ANOTHER BLACK WOMAN, don't be foolish, just respond the same way Ciara did concerning Rhianna (even if you hate the other black person's guts)....don't give any more power to the white PTB, because they loooove that black-on-black shiit

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Rihanna was dogging her in the first place when Ciara is WAY more talented than that big foreheaded industry prostitute.

And Ciara looks like Mr. Jay from ANTM; she looks like a Puerto Rican man in drag. I am sick of Black women in Hollywood looking like drag queens.

Both Beyonce and Ciara look like Hispanic men in drag.

Nene looks like a Black man in drag.

Tamar looks like a white woman in drag.



Anonymous said...

snitch-- learn how to spell! illiterate ass.

Anonymous said...

LMAO you better kiss some ass MTV. Nobody's checking for yall teen mom ass network anyways.

My opinion said...

RiRi still paying this bitch no talent havin ass dust..............................nothing to see here MTV trying to make amends to someone who nobody really cares about unless she still fucking with her BD

Anonymous said...

I didn't hear/read an apology. I read that they saw an excuse/way out and took it. Then complimented Rhianna and attached Ciara to the end of it.

An apology is clearly and apology; Ciara we apologize for the insensitive comments when made while you were hosting our awards show. Please forgive us.
The compliment: You were an amazing host and you look amazing as well.
The partnering: You're right Rhianna was amazing, that's why we hired you, you call it as it is.

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