Saturday, May 21, 2016

Russell Wilson Bankrolling Ciara's Career?

Earlier this year there were rumors pop star Ciara was leaving Epic Records [click here if you missed that].

Who needs a record label when you have a generous fiancée willing to bankroll your career...?

From Crazy Days and Nights
Blind Items Revealed
April 14, 2016
This will be the end of him. Bye bye money from contract. Apparently this A+ list NFL athlete was convinced by his girlfriend to pick up the tab for some recording she wants to do and to buy some songs. She had a very tiny budget and feels like she deserves way more so she got him to pay. Now she is running up his tab.
Russell Wilson/Ciara


Anonymous said...

What is the man who asks you to marry him supposed to do? That is what people who love and support one another do. Russell is from from dumb and comes from a family that will make certain he does not risk it all. He will be fine and whether he and Ciara make it long term or not, he will be fine, and she will be fine. He is doing what any husband should do.

Anonymous said...

Russel Wilson! That's what you call a man right there!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but not even his money can give her any relevance. The crunk era is over, and she's not talented enough to transcend into other areas. If she just has to be in the industry, open a dance school or something. But that singing career has been over. Its not fair for her to abuse their money on something that will never be.

Anonymous said...

Russell is the MAN!

er'body Loves them some Russell!

future is a BUM LOW LIFE NIGGA that deserves nothing less than the Death penalty by Firing Squad!!

TRACI404 said...

Why are you counting his MONEY?

If he wants to do it, NONE OF OUR BUSINESS.
if the guy was seen drugged out, driving 100 miles mph down I-5, getting arrested every weekend. You'd have something to say.
He doesnt have child support payements to 8 differrent women.
He can afford it. GET OUT OF HIS POCKETS

Anonymous said...

The only real question that this invokes is
Is Ci going to still give lap dances?

JDent said...


Death by firing squad. I laughed so hard. Ahhha. O_o. My chest hurts. You too much.

Anonymous said...

She's a paid beard. Part of the game.

Unknown said...

@3.43 This comment made my day ROTLMAO

Anonymous said...

Someone please staged an intervention.
Russell doesn't need to go down this road.

Ciara is a has been.
Russell can do so much better.

I hate to see young brothas waste their potential .

Anonymous said...

Why are we in this man's pockets. Didn't she just sign a multi million dollar contract with a modeling agency? Yall act like this woman hasn't been hustling on her own.

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