Friday, May 20, 2016

Scandal Goes on Hiatus

Bad news Scandal fans. Your fave is going on hiatus...

Earlier this month it was announced that Scandal's regular season order had been cut from 22 episodes down to 16 to accommodate Kerry Washington's pregnancy [click here if you missed that].

Now Scandal has been pulled from the schedule altogether.

This week it was announced that Scandal had been pulled from ABCs Thursday night fall line-up to accommodate Kerry's pregnancy.

Scandal will be back next Spring.


Jason Santoro said...

Nothing wrong with that. Although i stopped watching when they made Kerry an escort for hire.

Anonymous said...

That's when I stopped watching too. The show needs to be revamped and a hiatus sounds like a good idea.

Kitty B. said...

The show needs to be cancelled, it's been trash the last 2 seasons, story lines are all over the place and the show is just plan ole tired.... *yawn*

Anonymous said...

All shows run their course.

Anonymous said...

Hey you guys...the show has actually turned around. Ol' girl got DARK. Shonda seems to be focusing more on politics and less on that silly love triangle.

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