Saturday, June 25, 2016

A Cosby Accuser Withdraws Her Case

One of the women suing Bill Cosby over rape allegations in civil court has dropped her case...

Last year Kristina Rehli filed a defamation of character lawsuit against Bill Cosby after he called her a liar for claiming he drugged and raped her back in 1965 when she was a 22 year-old secretary [click here if you missed that].

Rehli has now dropped her case telling the Washington Post she withdrew her lawsuit because she already accomplished her goal of drawing attention to and bolstering her allegations.

“I do not want Cosby’s money, as I have wealth of my own. And, at age 73, it’s a little too late for celebrity.”
Seven other women are still suing Cosby for defamation over similar allegations and his criminal sexual assault case is still pending [click here and here if you missed that].


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Anonymous said...

First time I heard about Mr. Cosby drugging women was at least 20 yrs ago. This Black actress(not Beverly J) said he drugged & raped her. No one believed her. His defense on most of the women is that the sexwas consensual. Why are you stepping out on your wide? You made it real easy for them to come after when you approached them.

The King Of The Real said...

she didnt want to lose that paper she got

Anonymous said...

His ass is far from off the hook.

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