Friday, June 10, 2016

Blue Ivy on Her Way to Fashion Icon Status

4-year-old Blue Ivy makes waves in her $820 Mischka Aoki feathered skirt...

From Page Six
Blue Ivy Carter is following in mom BeyoncĂ©‘s stylish — and expensive — footsteps.
The 4-year-old rocked an $820 Mischka Aoki feathered skirt at the CFDA Fashion Awards on Monday. The pricey piece, which she paired with a black top and a white blazer, is a permanent part of the little girl’s closet — she didn’t borrow it from the designer.
Blue walked the red carpet with dad Jay Z to see her mom take home the coveted Fashion Icon Award, and was spotted snapping photos with a bejeweled cell phone in the audience.


Anonymous said...

Not surprised at all since designers been making her custom clothes since she was an arm baby. I notice Blue is styled like the Obama girls, always cute and age appropriate.

Anonymous said...

I love Blue Blue.

I bet this is the Image that coonye really wants, but because he thinks he is entitled to something, nobody pays him any attention. My dislike for coonye & his Hoe, makes me not like looking at their daughter, because the little girl is always frowning or crying, and the shiit annoys the hell outta me.

And it doesnt help that she looks like the Idiot father

Anonymous said...

She's a child. It's not like she dressed herself. Heck, her parents didn't even dress her or themselves!

Even if money can't buy you happiness, it damn sure buys you a whole lot of awards. beyonce's personal style of dress has nothing to be desired. i've seen better dressed crackheads.

Cheryl Talley Moss said...


Lucille Bluth said...

I don't agree with a 4 year old attending adult events (see:Bobbi Kristina)but Blue looks cute here.

When will these people understand how tacky it is to flaunt your wealth in such a way. They didn't even pay for the darn thing.

On another note, I never thought I would say this but Jay looks better than Bey in that photo.

Anonymous said...

@8:15 ���������������� my thoughts, your font

Anonymous said...

fashion icon? yall be doin too motherfucking much. baby bye

Anonymous said...

Too Late - Blue would be better off living her life in the background and choosing her own path. Beautiful child, too bad.

Anonymous said...

fashion icon? yall be doin too motherfucking much. baby bye
11:54 AM
first she was the youngest recorded artist (though, Maury that was a lie, because Aisha was on Stevie Wonder's ISN'T SHE LOVELY; now she's a fashion icon

why are yall in such a rush to turn these little children into children by calling them icons and otherwise sexualizing them. Dang, leave the babies be. Icon? a 4 year old and the word "icon" in the same sentence.

America has gotten dumber as they got richer; and their new addiction is celebrity.

Give it a rest, media.

Anonymous said...

Another FAX from Beyonce's camp. Blue looks like her father. They can try to PIMP this child however they want, she will get the same criticism that all the other celebrity children get (probably worse).

Anonymous said...

I love that they dress her cute and age appropriate. Beautiful black family. ❤️

prissa o said...

9:26 - On another note, I never thought I would say this but Jay looks better than Bey in that photo.


Anonymous said...

Children only care about stuff like this when they are groomed to do so. Otherwise, most couldn't care less about what or who they are wearing unless for some reason it makes them feel uncomfortable.

Honey Bun said...

good god both mommy and baby look like hell
bey got no fashion sense blue needs to go home and play with crayons
this inst an event for a child

Anonymous said...

These two are definitely not together - the body language is very telling. Blue desires either or, but not in between (this creates tension).

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