Thursday, June 16, 2016

Bobby Brown's Shocking Drug Admission

In in a newly released excerpt from Bobby Brown's new memoir, 'Every Little Step: My Story: Bobby Brown, Bobby candidly details his, and then wife Whitney Houston's, out of control drug habit and how it effected their daughter Bobbi Kristina...

Bobby writes,
"For some reason Whitney's drug use got worse after Bobbi Kris was born. Maybe it was because she had to stop using all those months while she was pregnant, but she resumed with a vengeance. I would try to keep Whitney locked in the room, telling her she shouldn't come in front of our daughter because of the way the drugs affected her. But I couldn't police Whitney; nobody could police Whitney. She did what she wanted."
"Our daughter was growing up in the middle of all of this. She often saw her mother and father high, and was around the two of us when we were f---ed up. We tried to keep it away from her, but it was hard for us to see her only when we were sober. How much quality time can you spend with your daughter when you're high all the time? I would get really mad at Whitney, scream and yell that I wanted a divorce. This went on for years and years. Our daughter saw it all. When I think about it now, I just feel enormous pain. We failed her."


Anonymous said...

Yep! yall failed Bobbi terribly. I was a youngster (maybe 16yrs) when Bobby, Whitney, and Baby Bobbi was featured on a magazine, and while I gazed at their picture, something in my mind/spirit told me that this was gonna end disastrous for the baby. I just knew it.

The King Of The Real said...

you were a junkie

Anonymous said...

Brown at one point was the biggest thing in r&b. If he laid off the drugs and continue to make great music,he would have rival Michael and Prince for their "black" crown but not pop crown.

Anonymous said...

Wow that's all i can say is wow! She didn't stand a chance Bobby Chris, this is just sad completely sad i might read this book seems it might be interesting, yeah you failed her as parents definitely

Anonymous said...

Didn't he just swear up and down on 20/20 that B.K NEVER saw them high.
Knew he was lying.
He could get mad at Whitney for what? Ya still did the drugs with her.

Divaish said...

Did you not read? That's what's wrong with you bitches..he never said they got high in front of her dumbass

Anonymous said...

Well thanks to all of his interviews and write-ups, I don't have to worry about spending my hard earned money to purchase his book.

Anonymous said...

Bobby tried to make it seem like it was all Whitneys fault in the 1st 2 sentences
Bobby begged Whitney to take the advance 100 million dollars from Clive Davis when she was hesitant, so she could pay his backed up child support and support their massive drug habit
Then Bobby begged her to do that stupid reality show
After she was a shell of herself and she had no more money, and was of no more use to him anymore
Bobby dumped her, moved on and impregnated another woman
Now he is still riding her name even in death
I dont care how Whitney started using drugs and if Bobby didnt start her
Bobby still took took this woman down and it
would have been better if they never were together

Anonymous said...


Read this slow hun...

Read the second sentence in the second paragraph from the excerpt from his book.

Anonymous said...

I am not feeling Bobby anymore, this guy is a mess.

Anonymous said...

Co-sign with 11:49. Thing is that Bobbay was not ever strong enough on his own to get sole custody is Bobbi Kris. So to point the finger at someone who is no longer with us is weak.

At his best, Bobbay was no comparison to MJ or Prince. His voice lacked the range and there was no real magic in his presence. Good dancer, yes but he was just another Chris Brown who sang fluff pop songs with sexy undertones.

Anonymous said...

Bobby please stop it. You're not telling us anything we don't already know. No junkie on the planet has the self control to not get high in front of his children. We already know you guys were hooked the baby saw it all...we were there!

Tell us something we don't know. Like the real reason you and Whitney were married was to cover up the fact that she was a lesbian. And though she always dabbled, her habit got out of control when she realized she could never be with her true love, Robyn. Which is why at some point, she stopped caring about being "Whitney Houston."

THATS what we want to hear you talk about.

ms abraham said...

I agree with first comment... When I was growing up I was around to see it all unfold and in my heart , my soul when I too looked at photos of Whitney, Bobby, And Bobbi Kris I foresaw that she too would suffer the same fate.... This is wayyyy before Maybe she was 10 at the time.unfortunately the family didn't do the right thing by breaking the generational curse....If they were truly a family of God they would've known but life got in the way of there better sense of judgement, fame , fortune was put ahead of morals, values and family and seeing her snuff coke in tabloids at 17 co firmed my fears that she wouldn't make it... And she didn't ...People if we know anything pray ... Pray for those who suffer the same fate

Anonymous said...

Robyn is being more of a man then Bobby by keeping her mouth closed
Bobby please shut your mouth !!!!!!!
And let your daughter and ex wife rest in peace

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