Friday, June 03, 2016

Cam'ron Clowns Jim Jones

Former Dip Set members Cam'ron and Jim Jones have been beefin' for a while now [click here if you missed that] and this week the warring hip hop couple re-heated the beef...

It all started when Jim asked his Instagram followers to ask Cam why he took his vocals off 'Oh Yeah.'

Cam responded by hilariously trolling.

A video posted by @mr_camron on


Anonymous said...

They're too old for this.

Anonymous said...

Not too old..
If I'm not f*cking with you & its costing you money.
Im winning !
Cam is mean..funny shit !

JAMAICA said...

Their relationship was never the same after Jones got chased out of Ruckers park by Junior Mafia while Cam stood there and watched him as Jonesy scaled a fence and fled

Kitty B. said...

My man, lmao...

Anonymous said...

boy people can be your best friend one day and in the next become your damn enemy smh.

Anonymous said...

Too true, 6:58am. Correct me if I woke up crazy this morning, but is it 2006 all over again?

Anonymous said...

I have a friend who use to mess with Cameron
and she said his sex game is off the hook!
I also knew of a prostitute who had a 3some with Cameron and Jim
I asked who was best and who was the biggest
She said Jim Jones was the biggest and the best between them 2
No wonder Chrissy wont let go, lol

Anonymous said...

^ I believe it. Them PR niggas be beasts.

OT: Cam is a mess lol

D L said...

Put your seatbelt on. C
Smh at 40 something me still acting like 15 year old girls.

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