Thursday, June 02, 2016

Farrah Franklin Arrested In Atlanta

Former Destiny's Child member Farrah Franklin has a long history of getting drunk and disorderly [click here here and here if you missed that] and there's no reason to stop now...

According to reports Farrah was arrested in Dekalb county GA on Thursday after police responded to reports of a drunken individual arguing with a group of men outside a Planet Fitness 24 hour gym at 3am.

When police arrived Farrah told them she 'wasn't ready to go home' and that, 'these niggas wouldn't leave her alone." After noticing a strong smell of alcohol and slurred speech officers asked Farrah if she'd had anything to drink and she replied, 'not enough.'

Farrah was arrested and booked on public intoxication and marijuana possession charges.

She is currently being held on $250 bond.


Anonymous said...

This is tragic; I hope she gets off the streets, leaves Atlanta, and gets her life together. I was hoping against hope after the last incident she hadn't been turned out, but all the clues point to it. God bless her

Anonymous said...

I agree @10:20pm
I hope things works out for her

Anonymous said...

For clarity.. "niggas" means niggers.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

I would have went along with the Destiny Child's program and collected and invested my check. Beyondsays parents ran they show... she should have knownthey did not have her best interests at heart. Kelly is her 1/2 sister and the better singer. The Know-less treated her like sheeit. What made Farrah think that they cared about her needs and desires?

Anonymous said...

What gets me is ..

"She is currently being held on $250 bond."

I hope she has post bail by now, I mean come on $250.00, I got that in my change jar.

Anonymous said...

^ Lemme hold something.

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