Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Kanye West Announces Saint Pablo Tour

Kanye West is taking The Life of Pablo out on tour...

Just minutes ago Kanye West announced the Saint Pablo Tour kicking off August 25 in Indianapolis and finishing up October 29 in Las Vegas.

Go to KanyeWest.com for tour dates and tickets.


Anonymous said...

He better be performing his hits with a light show, great opening act, and free t-shirts for everyone because after wasting money on the last tour, I said I would NEVER see him again.

He went on late and screamed at us through a Zapp and Roger Box the whole time. It was wack and half the Garden Level walked out 3/4 into his set. Kanye better bring it this time, but I'll be at home under the air conditioning with a bowl of cheddar popcorn.

Girl BYE said...

He's too crazy

The King Of The Real said...

oh boy

Anonymous said...

The name of the Tour


and those of yall going, i dont wanna hear NOTHIN when he goes beserk. Yall bett not be mad, and when you do, tell it to the Marines!!! Don't bring it here!

no bueno . . . I'll pass

Anonymous said...

This tour is all about money. Remember when he asked the Facebook founder for money...Kim got tired of helping his ass out? I use to be die hard but I'll watch it on YouTube.

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