Monday, June 13, 2016

Lil Wayne Hospitalized After Two Mid-Air Emergencies

Rapper Lil Wayne hospitalized in Omaha after suffering two seizures mid-air...

According to reports Weezy was flying cross-country by private jet from Milwaukee to California when he began having a seizure and blacked out. The pilot was forced to make an emergency landing and Wayne was treated on the runway by paramedics but refused to be transported to the hospital.

The pilot took off once more but just minutes into the flight Wayne had a second seizure and the pilot was forced to make another emergency landing.

Weezy was then transported to the hospital by ambulance.


Anonymous said...

Wayne back on drugs huh.

Anonymous said...

Being a celebrity, rich and famous
Can take a toll on a person who is the bread winner
I bet the responsibility to have to take care of so many people can be stressful
That along with record company vultures and Birdman scheming , probably has this boy
stressed out
Besides his whoremonging, I heard lil Wayne
is a real easygoing guy and pretty cool person
I only heard this from what Trina, Nivea
Supahead, Toya told the media
And from what a few on the sidelines have said to the media about him
I wish him the best

Karina Harris said...

Get well Wayne, Stop with the LEAN DRINKING.. It's not worth your LIFE. 😩😦😟

Girl BYE said...

Why does he keep doing drugs on airplanes where he can't get help? Stop being a dummy. Do it on the ground.

Anonymous said...

He's dealing with so much heartache over his break up. Get off drugs Wayne. Get better

The King Of The Real said...

GREMLIN DOWN. Baby aint gonna pay you fool you gonna wack yourself

Honey Bun said...

I dont know about yall but I really dont give a shit
like I really dont give a shit

Anonymous said...

bye next.

✿✿Dotty✿✿ said...

@9:29 understandable about him being a provider and dealing with his money issues with birdman,
but doing drugs and excessive alcohol will take its toll on you. Add altitude to the mix and it wont be good. If he stops doing drugs whether its hardcore or weed and stop drinking he can get better

Anonymous said...

That picture looks like a corpse. He needs to take care of himself because 2016 and whatever is going on at the highest levels ain't playin' no games

Freda Parham said...

I just hope the boy is ok. He need to take care of himself but he won't.

Anonymous said...

I know @Dotty/8:45am
I just hope he gets himself 2gether and better

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