Friday, June 03, 2016

Nicci Gilbert Goes Rogue

Former Brownstone singer turned TV producer Nicci Gilbert goes rogue on the set of 'From the Bottom Up...'

According to reports Nicci Gilbert and Queen Latifah's BET reality show From The Bottom Up, about high profile women who lost everything, got renewed for a second season and Nicci is getting filming done by any means necessary.

Insiders tell Funky Dinvea Nicci and the ladies from The Bottom Up were filming with new cast mate  Sunshine Anderson at The Room at Twelve restaurant inside the Twelve Centennial Park Hotel in downtown Atlanta and got kicked out because they were filming without permission!


Anonymous said...

RWS, the word is "rogue", rouge refers to blush, ijs

Unknown said...

Rouge means Red in French. Did she go Red or did she go Rogue? I need edits.

Anonymous said...

I kept trying to figure out what rouge had to do with it, lol

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