Friday, June 03, 2016

Phaedra Parks Defamation Case Dismissed

Three years ago Phaedra Parks filed a defamation of character lawsuit against former friend Angela Stanton after Angela wrote a book claiming Phaedra was the criminal mastermind behind a stolen car ring that landed Angela and Phaedra's then boyfriend Apollo Nida behind bars [click here if you missed that].

The case has been dismissed....

According to reports Phaedra's motion for a dismissal was granted yesterday with prejudice, meaning Angela can go on speaking about her experience and Phaedra promises not to sue her.

A statement from Angela Stanton's legal council reads,
The case of Phaedra Parks v. Angela Stanton was scheduled for trial on June 6, 2016 in the State Court of Gwinnett County, Georgia. On Monday, June 1, the court entered an order dismissing Ms. Stanton’s counterclaims against Ms. Parks. Ms. Parks subsequently agreed to dismiss with prejudice her lawsuit against Ms. Stanton if Ms. Stanton would agree not to appeal the order dismissing the counterclaims. So, the case is now resolved and will not go to trial.
We have some disappointment, as Ms. Stanton was anxious for her day in court. However, a dismissal is a dismissal, and Ms. Stanton is relieved that the claim of defamation has finally been buried. This has been a long, tumultuous process. Ms. Stanton looks forward to focusing on the positive things in her life, to following her dreams of being an author, and to sharing her life story with the world.


Anonymous said...

Translation = Phaedra paid Angela off

Anonymous said...

@ 10:10 AM It also means that this lady is not lying on Phaedra

I'm Done...For Now... said...

I just can't get that scene out of my mind on RHOA when she followed this guy out to his car and he gave her a wad of cash. Screamed shady, WTF and walking contradiction to me. Also she's real quick about ditching people she was once real close too. Angela, her husband, Kandi..
I really believe she was responsible for the FBI showing up at Kandi and Cynthia's. Cause when she was question about it she was real quick to dismiss herself and scoot to the other side of the room when they were at that party. This girl Angela did time without dropping a dime on her...until she turned her back on her
Fakedra does seem to be an appropriate name.

LaShawn Hall said...

I knew Ms. Parks was a LYING Southern Bell. Ms. Stanton should release another book. Make her sweat Ms. Stanton!!!!!!

T. Jones said...

Best believe Stanton got paid. The case resulted in a confidential settlement agreement guaranteed.

Anonymous said...

Yup! @11:50am

Anonymous said...

Yup! @ all the above comments, lol

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