Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Police Seeking Second Shooter in Troy Ave Case

Last week rapper Troy Ave was arrested on gun charges after a shooting backstage at T.I. concert in New York left four wounded, including Troy, and one dead [click here if you missed that].

Now police are seeking a second shooter...

From PIX11 News
It was initially believed that Brooklyn rapper Troy Ave, whose real name is Roland Collins, accidentally shot himself and killed his bodyguard in the chaos, an allegation his lawyer Scott E. Leemon disputes. Collins, in a wheelchair as he recovers from a gunshot wound, was charged Monday with attempted murder.
But investigators now say someone else may have fired the shot that hurt Collins and left his body guard Ronald McPhatter dead.
Someone who has an on-going dispute with Collins allegedly approached the rapper and another person at the venue and a fight ensued, sources said. During the fight, that person allegedly shot Collins in the leg and struck McPhatter in the stomach.


Anonymous said...

why are they 'seeking'...????

Would it not be quicker and easier to just ask T.I. who did it???

Close this case already, because I'm tired of seeing this dumb nigga.

Anonymous said...

This Plaxico Burress ass nigga trying say someone else shot him.

***side eye****

Ok dude.

Your Highness said...

@9:34 T.I. didn't do it, that fool was over 3hrs late to his own performance. This is why I will never ever pay to see T.I.( or go see him for free either) cuz he is always extremely late!!! ALWAYS!

The King Of The Real said...

did he chedder bob or plaxico or is it a conspiracy of some other madness?

Anonymous said...

I can believe he shot himself. Most niggas can't shoot smh

Anonymous said...

@10:47am, I wonder if allegedly TI was warned possibly of a potential problem and that was the reason he was late
If he missed the incident, I know he was happy he was late

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