Friday, July 01, 2016

James Harden Sends Goons After Moses Malone's Son?

Basketball great Moses Malone's son accuses Houston Rocket's James Harden of sending his goons to attack him...

According to sports gossip blogger Terez Owens Moses Malone Jr. filed a police report blaming James Harden's entourage after he was robbed at gun point by four men outside a Houston night club.

Apparently Malone believes Harden is upset because he made a Facebook status criticizing Harden for over-charging kids for his summer basketball camp.

Harden was not present during the robbery nor at the club the night of the incident.


The King Of The Real said...


Anonymous said...

Harden is a warlock who hooked up with the Kardashian witches. All he cares about is money. If you are stupid enough to pay for this shit then you have money to burn.

Anonymous said...

When I go out to a nightclub I take the bare minimum with me. Clothes, cash, keys, etc. I have in mind how much I am willing to spend and that is it. Did it really take 4 gunmen to rob 1 man? Did they think he was Bruce Lee or something? If this is true, I hate that there are people that would stoop so low as to carry out someone else's dirty work. Nobody is worth getting caught up in the system over. I don't know what kind of establishment that is or what kind of security they have, but if I'm walking around with $15,000 worth of jewelry the last place I'm going to is a random nightclub. He could have left that mess at home, or better yet stayed at home for what that night was worth.

I don't understand the attraction to something just because a celebrity name is attached to it. This looks like some off-season hustle. Community recreation centers, the Department of Parks and Recreation, and local organizations sponsor activities for children all year long. Find something else for them to do. After seeing some of the shit these celebrities get into that end up on the Internet, why would you want your children around them? Why would you pay to have your children around them? Just because someone is a paid professional at something does not mean they are the very best at it or the only one that can do it. Sometimes people get breaks that are not afforded to other people or just happen to be in a certain place at a certain time. I would like to know how this event turned out. Was it good or 'hood? Kroger might want to reconsider their partnership with this event.

Anonymous said...

^^9:23 - Probably the best comment I've ever read on here!

Anonymous said...

I agree a @8:44pm, he has to be wicked to hook up with them
Im sure he doesnt have no conscience

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