Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Pre-Airport Party Dooms Lamar Odom

Earlier this week former NBA star Lamar Odom was removed from a cross country flight to New York after getting smashed in the Delta Airlines VIP lounge and then vomiting on himself twice before take-off [click here if you missed that].

Spywitnesses claim Lamar had actually been turning up at a strip club before he even made it to the airport...

From The Mirror 
Lamar Odom was reportedly spotted at an LA strip club hours before he was removed from a flight to New York.
The former NBA star, who made a miraculous recovery after his near-fatal overdose back in October, is believed to have been seen with a woman at 4Play Gentleman's Club on Monday afternoon.
Shortly after, he then headed to Los Angeles International Airport to take a flight to New York.


Anonymous said...

What a freaking waste of black life. I don't blame Khole for cutting him off.

Where are all the idiots that said he was really dead? Don't worry at the rate he's going he will be dead soon.

Anonymous said...


I'm one of the so-called idiots you're talking bout, YOU DUMB IDIOT..

did you see ANY VIDEO of lamar in the so-called strip club, or do you just go with whatever news the lying media gives to you?

Anonymous said...

There is video of him entering a strip club leaving with a stripper. He argued with a man recording him. However, I believe the person was hired to follow Lamar, food for thought. He is a drug addict,

Anonymous said...

8:25 AM - Your average strip club doesn't allow random ass video recording let alone pics.

Anonymous said...

They dont get it (understand) @8:25am
Oh, but they will , but it will b too late :(

Anonymous said...

I go to this strip club every now and then with co-workers.

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