Saturday, July 02, 2016

Safaree on Blast

Last night Nicki Minaj's ex-boyfriend Safaree reached out to Australian rapper Iggy Azalea with words of encouragement after it was revealed that her ex- fiancĂ©e  Nick Young had gotten his baby mama pregnant again [click here if you missed that].

Safaree should have kept his mouth closed...

After Scaff Breezy's message went viral OG celebrity escort Jenna Shea put the wanna be rapper on blast for cheating on Nicki Minaj with a porn star at Sean Kingston's house and another time in the presence of Soulja Boy.

Jenna later clarified the tea


Anonymous said...

Yo. Leave di man alone. You can be a cheater and feel bad for the cheated. It's like unu want di man if shut him mouth an dead.

Anonymous said...

ninjas, the whole lot of 'em.

Felicia said...


Anonymous said...

He didn't reach out to Pilar, did he?

Anonymous said...

Niggas and hos are like cockroaches; them mofos will survive nuclear fallout, meteor strike, volcanic eruptions and STILL be messy and disgusting.

kiki60651 said...

none of u's knows how hard it is to be mr.minaj's....#ijs

Anonymous said...

bitch talking about she never did porn LOOK AT YOUR AVI BITCH YOU MAY AS WELL BE DOING PORN!! these fucking thots is out of order. if he cheated on her ANDDD?? so that mean he can't feel bad for someone going through a tough time?

p.s. dear sarafee please put them damn duck lips away. that's not poppin

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I tell you pimps. keep these snitch ass hoes in check. Rule with an iron fist.

Anonymous said...

I remember hollywoodstreetking covering the story about a year back
But Nicki knew, and if she didnt care, why should this hoe care
The porn star name was Alana Kushy or something like that
If it wasnt her, I know she was in attendance for that party or her name was mentioned in the story too
Drake and his father was allegedly tricking with Alana that night, and she was getting paid 5gs off auctions for her blow jobs

This Jenna hoe is probably mad she was losing business that night to black chick
Who she probably considers beneath her

I hate to bring up the racial issue
But I heard the yte chicks are esteemed
above the black tricks
Even in that industry

Anonymous said...

This is 6:22pm again
My bad, the story was published Feb 1, 2013
on hollywoodstreetking and the porn actress
was Beauty Dior
But dam, this still is not this hoe business

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